Screenshots don't show up in photos

@drew.coffman Hello there! When I open one of my products the screenshots don’t show up in photos! I have the same issue using Safari and Firefox on Mac, mobile and on Chrome and Firefox on PC.


I cleared the cache/cookies and uploaded new photos but the screenshots still don’t show up in photos!

I contacted the Contact Support last week on Thursday, but it didn’t help.

Could you please help me to resolve this issue? Thank you!

Hey @klampstudio ! We’re aware of this bug and are working to fix it. I’ll keep you updated!

@drew.coffman Thank you for your understanding! I really appreciate your help so much!

Hi @drew.coffman Could you please let me know if you know something new about my issue with display images that don’t show up correctly in photos?

It’s been over a week since I have contacted Contact Support, and now I am really worried because no one wants to buy products if they can’t see photos!

Thank You!

I have the same problem and now I saw that some of my screenshots are shown twice.

our team is digging into this! @Corrella abd @klampstudio , in the interim have you attempted to delete all screenshots and re-upload them?

@drew.coffman I tried a manual fix for this issue, and the following all steps:

  1. Edit your product and remove all existing product display images
  2. Save All Changes as a Draft
  3. Close the product editor
  4. Click to edit again
  5. Reload the correct product display images
  6. Make sure no other edits are required in any other fields
  7. Set the product to “Live”
  8. Save All Changes
  9. Close the product editor
  10. Confirm that the product went “Live” and is only showing the correct images

but the display images still don’t show up correctly in photos.

thanks so much for the detailed response @klampstudio , I’ll add this to our bug log and make sure it’s prioritized

Yes, I’ve tried to upload them, but with the same result. And in the case of the double preview images: After clicking on the “Edit” button the bug disappears. But it looks like the second previews are the ones I had created for Creative Market Pro.

@drew.coffman 14 days (May 6, first messages have been sent to the Contact Support), almost half a month and nothing!

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Hey @klampstudio — sorry this hasn’t yet been resolved. Our team is actively working to solve it :slight_smile: