Screenshot filenames relevant to SEO?

I think the question is already pretty clear. Is there a difference for Google & Co., if I name my presentation images e.g. „26_floral_logo_templates_gold.jpg“ instead of „13337137_mockup_3b_FINAL.jpg“?

Yes, I believe there was some Shop Owner Guidelines that stated that presentation images’ names affects on SEO. But unfortunately I can’t find that article now :frowning:


Thanks for your answer! Helped me a lot to get more structure and finetune everything :slight_smile: Hope this leads to more sales some day :wink:

Ohhhh please no :joy: I literally name everything ‘mockup front final 23’ etc :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Absolutely! This is basically a base for image search on google :relaxed:


I always cram as many keywords in my file names as possible.