Same font free on other sites

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In researching some fonts that I want to use, we found that some of the fonts licensed in this website are offered for free for personal and commercial use in other websites. How does that work? How can that affect my business that is just starting and want to use the files provided (ttf, woff, otf) for marketing, products, packaging, printing, etc?

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Hey there @kurioosities ! Many of the shop owners on Creative Market who sell fonts also sell those fonts on other marketplaces or their personal site. Sometimes they’ll run specials on those other sites where a certain type of license is free. If that’s the case, just check the licensing terms that that website is offering.

Important to note, sometimes these sites can be nefarious, hosting the font without the shop owner’s permission — which is no good! If that’s the case, any licensing for commercial use is obviously invalid.

When purchasing a font on Creative Market, you can rest assured knowing that the licensing information is correct.

I hope I answered your question! Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:

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