Sales fell Help Me

Sales fell. After the sale, sales fell. 0 sales per month.

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my sales fell after the sale as well. I think it may have something to do with people buying so much during the sale so now they got what they need and also timing with colleges being out for summer break now so students are not buying design stuff.


I have no sales for the second month already)))

@AndreyKENO little things that might help on your thumbnails show your products in use. the marble texture pack is an awesome product but the thumbnails are lacking. create a few mockups to show what it looks like on an album cover, a package, on a phone as an Instagram post, on a poster, on a magazine. things like that have really made a difference for me. Also not using the CM watermark will help you out. one big way CM gets customers is through affiliates reposting your products on social media, (especially Pinterest) and if you use watermarks affiliates will not want to repost your product thumbnails.


Hello! Thanks for the advice, I’ll try. But several of my products (digital paper) have sketches and mockups and they have never sold out yet. The fact is that on another site, these products are selling very well even without sketches and for very good money.

Here, sales are lower and lower, every year :slight_smile:

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@AndreyKENO Awesome to hear you are on other marketplaces. I would imagine your stuff would sell well on Etsy. Etsy has a demographic that is more DIY whereas CM is a more contemporary trendy design. Again I think that the same product could sell well with different thumbnails and taking away the watermarks. Just redo the thumbnails with a more contemporary trendy vibe something that is super sharable on Pinterest. My products that perform best on Etsy don’t sell super well on CM.

Sales have been falling since the beginning of this year - Compared to last year, now I sell 1/3. Views also dropped. I think it’s the fault of a bit of the pandemic and the trends introduced by Creative Market (maybe a new search algorithm? Promoting other products? Etc.) :neutral_face:


Really sorry to hear that Bart

I love your fonts and hope things turn around soon for us all.

Para-Scope Design & Type

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Immediately I apologize, you can not tell me about ETSY, idiotic platform, I was already there. They blocked the store without any explanation and did not want to talk. Honestly, I didn’t do anything criminal on purpose, I sold the same goods as here. After the first sale, there was some kind of failure, the client did not download the product for a long time, I wrote to him, maybe he has problems, I wanted to help, but they (I think so) regarded it as harassment, or maybe they had another reason, about which no one explained to me. This is ETSY, and I’m not the only one.

Thank you mate!

I also hope so we will be back on track soon! :slight_smile:

I felt a huge drop of sales started May 15th. It was a sudden fall, like right after May 15th I started to get like 50-60% of my usual week sales. Views still are pretty same as usual.

My thoughts: late spring - summer is a vocation time, so maybe business are temporary slowing down. I’m noticing this sales drops every year in summer time & Christmas holidays. But this time it was a little bit early, also super sharp for me.


Sales are lower every year. Every year is worse


the space is getting more and more saturated. I think that the trend will continue and it will be more and more difficult to stand out and find unique unsaturated niches.


Very true. I’ll see a standard sans-serif font from 2016/17, with only basic characters and dull presentation listed at $20 that will have like 4000 likes (so I assume loads of sales).

A product released like that now, probably wouldn’t receive more than 50 within a similar 4-5 year time period (organically) it would just disappear.

It’s bad for us because it means there’s no easy money here. It’s good for us because it forces us to up our skills, create more original products and improve as designers.

It’s obviously great for customers as they get more choice and quality at often a better price point.

Of course, it’s entirely possible to make good money on here - there’s a number of profiles that are open about their sales. It does seem as if the really successful shops are the exception though and most are making a few sales here and there occasionally. I wonder if, back in the good old days (read 2014-17) there was a more even spread of shops making good sales?

For the first time in 3 years i have had a drop in sales also. The last 2 months have been rough. Probably down about 20% april and 30% may which is huge for me as this is my full time job. My products are still at the top of the rankings which probably means sales are down site wide. I’m sure CM have the analytics but will keep them internal. I would guess that they are loosing market share to the many new digital asset platforms that are popping up all over the place. Also the fact that you can get pretty much every popular product for free if you search for it thanks to the current piracy epidemic. Hopefully they can turn it around!


That is concerning as it’s happening to someone like you with a number of products on the first page - it’s not just a case of being hidden.

I checked SimilarWeb and traffic is down approx 500k (or 2.41%) on the previous month - so to be honest I can’t see that being the reason. What’s your conversion been like?

I still think part of it is down to affiliates not being rewarded by CM like they were in the past and have decided to stop sending traffic to CM as it’s not really worth their time/effort. I also see on SimilarWeb that display ads account for 0.04% of traffic sent to CM - this seems like a clear area of possible improvement on CM’s part.

The likes of Google and Adobe fonts offering great fonts for free I’m sure also is having some impact. This is why it’s more important than ever to offer something fresh to the market that isn’t available there (often they have more commercial-looking fonts). And finally like you say, all these shops making a quick dollar off of people’s hard work on Etsy etc is not helping. It’s painful to see some of these shops offer a bundle of 30+ fonts for $5 because they didn’t put any time and effort into creating anything so $5 for doing nothing is great!

Also I’ve been alerted to VK (I think a Russian version of FB) forums that list fonts (many from here, for free) - I don’t even know what to do about places like that. What’s annoying there is that the pirates are treated like font stealing celebrity Robin Hoods, taking from the rich (us) and giving to the poor (the people that don’t want to pay for someone’s hard work). They also have a forum for ‘Group Purchases’ where they’ll club together money to buy a product once and then distribute it on the forum for others to get it for free.


So very true. There’s many pirate websites, where you can get any item for free.
I sell my products only on Creative Market, and every time I upload new item - it’s being sold to a fraudulent account. Yes, Support team refunds these sales, and those accounts being removed, but I think they have a lot of time to download “purchased” items and upload them to pirate websites like PSDkeys, etc.

Also it could be a season drop of sales. It’s summer, vacation period, I noticed some drops every summer, but not 2020. Last summer we haven’t traveled much due to Covid-19 situation. This year situation is better, so many of us are hunger for trips/vacations. I believe it’s seasonal anyway. Let’s hope for a better :slight_smile:

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that’s come to my mind too. Vaccination goes well in most places in the world, covid situation calms down, and after a long period of staying at home people just go out…(?)

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I agree that sales have fallen too. And I think so for everyone who does not work additionally with their audience, but expects clients exclusively from CM. Further, the situation will only get worse.

CM leaves you alone with your product while the sales commission rises. Although this increase was supposed to affect the promotion of the website itself and the authors.

It seems to me that CM attracted not new buyers, but new authors. More than 100,000 new stores have been opened during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the attractiveness of the website is decreasing every month. I’m afraid everyone will reach their minimum in the next year and a half. The best time was before 2019. Popular stores now live mainly on previously created and promoted products, while new products are becoming less salable.

I have a lot of thoughts on this. But this is for a separate topic.

Also, do not forget that the authors themselves, trying to earn more, arrange sales with several thousand items for $ 20-30, thereby creating problems for themselves in the long run. Market glut doesn’t end well.

I think the statistics are now quite depressing.
Covid-19 is only partly the cause.