Sales are dead? Why

Sales are dead? After the sale. You should not go to the creativmarket anymore?


For 3 months I have not sold anything on KM, support does not respond to site bugs, they only promise to fix it, they don’t choose a product for free products, the marketplace has deteriorated.

Hey there! Just wanted to chime in on this thread and say that, if you’re seeing a lack of sales, it might be a good idea to consider what’s trending, what our customers are buying, and how you might be able to create products that entice those buyers to take a look at your products :slight_smile:

To @AndreyKENO’s point, let me know if there are any major bugs that are stopping you in your tracks! A marketplace of our size always has a handful of bugs we’re working on, which means that some get prioritized over others.

Also, not quite sure what you mean about not choosing free products? We offer a selection of free products every week in our Free Goods!

Let me know if you have any specific questions I can address!


Hello @drew.coffman! Excuse me … but I already wrote to you,

  1. that there are no vendor icons that I follow in notifications,
  2. inactive links of suggested followers.
    I wrote to you 2 times, I can give you a link to topics, you were either busy or ignored, anything can happen, I understand.
    Then after you I wrote to tech support, they assured me that the work was in progress … and so for 2 months already, I can throw off the correspondence, I saved it.
    Into the account of free goods. I meant that for the whole year, never once did my products from the offered ones be selected in the “Free Goods” products.

what are the best ways to check what’s trending?

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@AgnieszkaOlszewska You can see what’s trending in design by looking on Pinterest or Instagram to see what types of fonts, images, & colors people are using.

@AndreyKENO I took a look at your shop and my first thoughts were that CM might not be where your people are at. You have a very distinct style so you might want to search for a marketplace or clients that resonate with your style.

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Hello @angelekamp
I would appreciate a hint, do you mean T-Shirt design? There are no sales, I have posted my products on several sites. But on another marketplace, similar to CM, sales are even very good.

@AndreyKENO Even though I would love to give you suggestions I am not familiar with your genre. You mentioned T-shirts and that sounds like a good fit for your products but you would still have to find your clients.

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Thanks for the answer @angelekamp !
As I understand it, my clients are not on CM?

@drew.coffman И снова вы замолчали, в 3 ветках я написал вам проблему, старую проблему и вы опять молчите.
Так держать!!!

As I mentioned in my previous message, a marketplace of our size will always have a handful of open bugs while we work extremely quickly to correct any major bugs that we think might impact sales. The bugs you mentioned — icons and suggested links not working correctly — are in the queue to be fixed but not ‘showstoppers’ as I said.

As far as ‘free goods’ goes, we have a GIGANTIC amount of products in the Free Goods queue at all times, due to the overwhelming popularity of this program. We can’t pick every product, though we wish we could! Hope that makes sense :slight_smile: