Resources gone in the wind

Guys i need your help with creative market support.
I had an account with so many purchases and resources . Worth. Thousands .

I have been trying to log in many times through many months but nothing works.

I sent many emails help request . I changed password i validated my email. But nothing seems to work.

I need my purchased resources . Its not fair that they update their platform and we loose our previous account.

I hope they hear me now. This legally unfair.

The only thing i got from them , is auto reply that they will be back and nothing done.

I want my purchased resources in my old account.


I did all safari flushing and cache clearing .i tried with different browsers laso the same.

Its very bad to loose clients like this .

Hey there @PantryBlooms , please send an email to support@creativemarket ! I had our Support team check but we don’t have anything in our queue from you. That being said, we’d be happy to help! , thats my other account . I had to make new one yo join .

I did many time send to support, they never replied.

The main account that i can not access is.

Please help me solve that

My email is enastein@gmail.come the one i can not access. Support never reply but auto reply.

Please help me activate my old account and get my resources

Please contact support via support@creativemarket