Resolving payouts issue

Hi guys …

i’ve been on creative market for a while now and i used to be able to get payouts via e-check easily. however for the last three months i’ve tried to get paid and it failed, and i’ve tried switching from e-check to paypal, and confirmed that paypal is active and working and even bank IBAN is updated but still the same thing happened where i wait every time for the beginning of every month to see if the changes i’ve made have worked or not.

If anyone who had the same issue was able to resolve it please share with the us i see a number of shop owners facing the same thing.


I have similar experience as well. Since 2015 I’ve three times pending payouts. The first one was happened long time ago, but the rest two were in January and February 2021. Unfortunately, the latest one has monthly record earning (lowest bucks due to… Don’t know…) so I decided to cancel the payout request.

I’m sorry that happened to you :confused: did you contact creative market support? i contacted them i think 3 times and they say the issue is not from cm side even though i’m not sure about that since i’ve tried switching between payout methods and they showed the same result!!!

I’m experiencing similar issue right now. My balance was not updated on the first days of March after payout request on 28th Feb.
I contacted support, they confirmed there was some sort of error, fixed it, the balance was updated, status changed from Pending to Processing. It was last Friday.
Still do not see anything on my paypal account (it’s valid and active).

Yeah, the first and second issues were resolved after contacting CM support. But not sure why this payout issue becomes a ‘nearly routine’ phenomenon lately.

Correction: Not sure the second one is in January, but yes, I have three issues in total.