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I’ve been on CM for a little over a year now and I’ve finally decided to try and pump some blood into my shop that for whatever reason has seen traffic drop off at an alarming rate over the past few months. After some hesitation I’ve submitted a request to offer up some free goods in hopes that this will help my products reach more eyes.

I will happily share the results of whatever happens with my sales if any of my products do end up getting selected, and if not well then I guess it’s just more rolling of the dice until something lands. Fingers crossed!

Para-Scope Design & Type

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what is your shop? I would love to check it out. and a free product is a great idea. I was on CM for 3 months with no sales at all then I did a free product and my shop has been cooking a little bit since then.


Hey Harbor

Thanks for your reply. My shop is

I experienced the same thing, for about 3 months after opening my shop I had little or no sales. Eventually some of my products started to pick up sales and I felt like I was slowly building some momentum that was until about two months ago when I noticed that my sales and traffic dropped off big time. That’s when I thought why not try and offer a free product.

To be honest with you lately I’m feeling a bit discouraged because while my best selling products from over the past year have started to lose interest and sales I saw that another similar new product to what I’m already offering just got staff picked. I’ve never had any of my products get a staff pick and I know how much of a boost that must give to sales. In the end I just want my products to reach more eyes as I know they are of value but perhaps just lacking some promotion. Hopefully CM will give me a shot with the free product.

Congrats on your success so far here on CM and YWFT, I see you have many great products that have been staff picked before. I’m sure you saw a big increase in sales since you opened your shop. Wish you all the best.

Joe Rutledge

P.S. Enjoyed your Skillshare course about Building a Custom Typeface.

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Hey @ParaScopeDesign ! I’ve just followed your shop and love the products you’re making :slight_smile: Please feel free to let me know when you release new products (or share them in the ‘Share Your Latest Products’ thread!). We’re always looking for shops to highlight as Staff Picks.

RE: Free Goods — we have TONS of applicants who want to release their products this way, so it might take awhile to hear back. Thank you for requesting to participate and for being a part of the marketplace!


Thanks Drew

I’ll be sure to share any new products I release and hopefully sales will start picking back up soon. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my message.

Joe Rutledge