Reply function in product comments

I’m pretty sure this used to be a feature, but no longer seems to exist.

Would be great to have a ‘reply’ link for customers comments as the @ function doesn’t always work, especially when someone’s name contains a diacritic mark such as (é). Makes it impossible to directly reply to them in the comments section of a product page. Any chance we could get that function back :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing this request, I’ll pass it on to the team! I also know that sometimes the diacritic marks make issues with tagging, great call out that we need to fix. Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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No probs @drew.coffman yea seems to be the diacritics that cause an issue. Not sure how easy that is to fix, but thought I’d share it will you. Cheers bud. Have a kickass weekend :slight_smile:

I agree we need a reply button for real. lol

Agree! A reply would be great as it’s too generalised to reply to everyone. Thanks!

Appreciate everyone chiming in! :slight_smile: