QUESTIONS : Pinterest. What tips would you give to creators?

So I am in the process of using Pinterest now, and notices its potential. Now I am wondering, what tips you can offer to creators? And would you say, the target market of Pinterest is more female or male dominated, or there is room for both audiences?

And lastly, should you Pin only your resources, or pin other types of work that is related to the type of work you make? Hope y’ll having a good start of the week :slight_smile:


Hiya! I have a saved version of Pinterest tips so Imma just copy it here :joy:

  1. Make themed boards of your most used themes (e.g. Dark & Moody, Retro & Groovy, etc)
  2. pin directly from your CM shop & other places into the appropriate boards (e.g. so your 70s looking font would go into the Retro & Groovy board etc)
  3. Now pin other things into the board - but make it look like your client’s moodboard; if they’re looking for 70s things, add some patterns, maybe interiors, etc)
  4. Make colour palette pins from your products (super popular pins that will get you more traffic)
  5. Be consistent, add new pins to your boards every day or so

Yes it is predominantly female but don’t stereotype content because of that as it won’t get you far. Useful, creative content is best :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!


Hey Angela! No that’s fine, :joy: . If anything, I appreciate you taking the time to share your insight, it gives a clear picture on how to proceed further.

And definitely agree what you said about not stereotyping content. Got curious about it, since I do see geometric/futurism/textures related works been shared on Pinterest, which is the area I am aiming towards to.

Cheers! :smiley:


Super helpful!

What exactly are the colour palette pins you refer to? Could you post an example?


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Kinda like these:

Colour palette pins usually get thousands of views - and when you scroll down from them, usually more of your content/pins show up so it’s good for traffic!


Thanks for the tip! Genuinely helpful - I had no idea.

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That’s super helpful, never understood Pinterest before, but now it is actually starting to make sense :sweat_smile: Thanks!


It’s super easy, you just gotta get into the habit of pinning pretty much everything from your shop into a board - I just do it same time as posting a new product and it’s like second nature now, don’t think about it at all.

Its minimal work &gets me about 120k views on Pinterest every month, out of that around 4k clicks to my shops :muscle:t2:


I always pin a mix of my own content and those of others. Videos and Idea (story) pins are popular at the moment.

Pinterest is always testing out new features so try to stay in the loop and use them. Also don’t worry about the amount of followers. You don’t need them to get your pins seen.

There are lots of great tutorials on YouTube or Google that you could watch. Just search for ‘pinterest tips 2021’.