Question about Payouts

Hi Creative Market. so on early this month, i just made a payout. and yesterday, i received an email saying that the payout is rejected due to wrong bank details, (i use eCheck method) which is weird because i have checked it and all the details i input are actually correct.

with this problem in mind, i’m considering to switch the payout method to paypal. and i’m wondering if it’s okay if i use my family member’s paypal account for my payouts. (since i don’t have an account)

And the fact that i have to wait a month before making another withdrawal, and see whether it will succeed, gives me a slight anxiety because of the suspense.

Thanks in advance! I have sent a support asking this question, but figure should ask here why waiting for a reply. I hope my questions doesn’t sound silly, the fact that i’m new here doesnt help! Thanks everyone!

contact support. they wont respond to financial questions in the comments.