Proper keywording

I am struggling with keywording my products, I have a feeling I do it all wrong (and that my SEO is terrible and nobody finds my products). Some people gave an advice not to put more than 35 keywords, some people say it’s OK if there is a lot of keywords if they are relevant, Creative Market suggests “up to 20 keywords”. So, where is the truth? How many keywords should I write to keyword section? Also, should I write collocations (word combinations) or single words? Would be very thankful for your replies!


What I usually do with a new product is I find the best selling similar products and see what keywords they are using and use the ones that will also apply to my product. I usually use about 20 keywords. IDK if that is best practices but it has been working for me.


I use both single words and word combinations. I mostly use the auto-populated keywords that are suggested by CM.


Basically it doesn’t matter what keywords you are using if you are not getting sales, The algorithm wont show your work on the first few pages of the search unless you have worked the way up the algorithm ladder by selling products. The exception to this is if you have super unique keywords that no one else is using. Its a catch 22: you need visibility to make sales but you need sales to get visibility. This is why you need to get handpicked or bring you own audience to the platform to kickstart the product.