Products refreshing

Hi everyone! Do you have any tips for effective (and not time consuming) refreshing your ‘old’ products? I have collection of illustration ( which I would like to pimp :slight_smile: or make it more popular now.
Any advice? Best wishes!

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IDK if there is any super fast way to do it but i would say just change the thumbnails to be a bit more contemporary. Buy a typeface that is trending right now and use that for the thumbnails. hand done script fonts are kinda off trend now. Try using a font from “New tropical design”, or “Tan type co” or, dare I say… from myself… check out the top-selling graphics and springboard off that aesthetic. I think your product is cool and with a little design refresh, it can have new life. I would also take it down and just make a new product, that way it has a chance of getting hand picked.


Nice product! Like @ThatThatCreative said, try looking at other successful products in your space and see what you can learn from how they’re presented and put your spin on it. I’d also suggest doing a bit of research on the keywords you’re using and see what you can add (or take away). Lastly, if you think you can improve your product description, do so. I personally have tried these tips I’m giving here and have seen success on some products. It’ll take time but it’s worth the effort because in the end, you’ll improve how you’re marketing your products.

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Thank you @JesseMakes and @ThatThatCreative for your advices! They are really helpful! :relaxed: