Product titles/descriptions changing without my knowledge

Today I noticed that several of my product descriptions and titles had changed without my knowledge, and they don’t make sense (like they were written by AI). Does anyone know what is going on with that? I would rather them ask me to add to my title or description if it’s not good enough - I’m a real person but now when people look at my products it seems like I’m a bot.

Hey @jannettenator ! You didn’t link to your shop, but are you referring to products in the photography category? If so we’re currently testing a program that renamed products only if the user uploads duplicate names for multiple photos on our marketplace. This is a program intended to make it easier for customers to search our site, and highlight products in a way that generates more revenue for shop owners like you.

If you would NOT like to see titles and descriptions changed, simply ensure that each of them is unique in some way and not a duplicate.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Ok thanks yes they were in the photography category that must be it. I’ll have to make sure they are more unique in the future. The way it’s currently implemented though, it does look like they are written by a bot, (descriptions have incoherent sentences, repeated words in title) and they would make me wary of buying as a customer, and I feel that it makes me look bad as a shop owner.


Appreciate the feedback! :slight_smile: