Problem with items upload

@drew.coffman @staff
I have problems loading files, does anyone else have such problems?


@TypoEdition Yeah me too. Several hours I can’t upload anything.

I’m facing issues with website access during last 40-50 minutes. Sometimes it even shows 500 Error. But usually it’s loading slow.

We are aware of a site issue and are currently resolving it! Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Thanks for your fast service :slight_smile:

I noticed too that the picture upload doesn’t work at the moment (product screenshots).

It seems that the issue is still not resolved?.. I can’t upload a new product…

UPDATE: now is working for me…

Hi, thanks for the info, but the problem is still there

I’m having a similar problem, I’ve managed to upload it but it doesn’t appear in my product tab? is it still a problem?

Just checking in to see who’s having issues still. I believe most of the issues have been resolved, but @Izalsye and @TypoEdition are you still stuck?

Yes, after I saw it in my shop, my new product had already appeared. but in my shop dashboard my latest product is not there. :sob:

I would recommend reuploading your product and, if the second one works, deleting your initial broken listing. You’re also welcome to contact our Support team and share the product with them, and they can look into it from there!

It looks like it’s ok. Thanks