Print On Demand License Clarity

Can one buy templates/clip art with a commercial license, then use them to create designs (ex. in photoshop or illustrator), then sell items (ie. stickers or t-shirts) on print on demand sites with the designs on them?
Example: Buys a cat design. Take cat design and add text around it thereby creating new unique design. Create a shirt/sticker with new design. Sell via a print on demand shop. The end buyer of the shirt/sticker would not be able to modify the design, as it would be on a physical item.
Is that allowed with a commercial license? (assuming selling less than 5,000 units)

thank you!

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I don’t see any reason against that. As you said - the buyer is not able to modify the design and the designer created something new.

The work must be transformative and the clip art/artwork you purchased must not constitute the main value of the new item. Basically if you removed the clipart would it still sell or is the value of the item you are selling being derived from the art you did not create. I would ask CM directly, not the forums as you will get bad or wrong information. Read the license. When you’ve read it, re-read it. You have to meet all the terms to use the art properly.

License terms state: Any use of a Licensed Asset for Commercial use must: (i) be significantly different than the original Licensed Asset, (ii) require time, effort, and skill to produce and (iii) not derive its primary value from the Licensed Asset itself. Any resale/sublicense of the Licensed Asset in source file form or otherwise competitive with the Licensed Asset is prohibited.