Possible Collection Bug

As a shop owner, I can’t access my collections on a different device without being logged on. I can see other users collections and CM own collections but not mine unless I log on. I think that is a particular bug, either is happening just to me or to shop owners. Anyone had the same issue? Try accessing a collection of your own without logging in. Copy the link and try to see it in incognito mode

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Hey @migbruca , sorry you’re being impacted by what definitely sounds like a bug. I would recommend reaching out to our Support team who will be able to more clearly look at exactly what you’re seeing and help you :slight_smile:

Hey @drew.coffman, 12 days ago I followed your advice and got in touch with your Support team about the problem with my collections and so far all I know is this: The “team” is aware and there is no ETA on fixing the problem, and I almost forgot, Support suggested me to post on Behance.

Here is a simple question for you and Support. Why do Creative Market collections and other collections can be seen and others (like mine) can´t. So far I am not satisfied by the answers provided by CM. It is making me and my store to look bad since a person that would like to see my collections can’t unless they are logged in.