Possible Collection Bug

As a shop owner, I can’t access my collections on a different device without being logged on. I can see other users collections and CM own collections but not mine unless I log on. I think that is a particular bug, either is happening just to me or to shop owners. Anyone had the same issue? Try accessing a collection of your own without logging in. Copy the link and try to see it in incognito mode

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Hey @migbruca , sorry you’re being impacted by what definitely sounds like a bug. I would recommend reaching out to our Support team who will be able to more clearly look at exactly what you’re seeing and help you :slight_smile:

Hey @drew.coffman, 12 days ago I followed your advice and got in touch with your Support team about the problem with my collections and so far all I know is this: The “team” is aware and there is no ETA on fixing the problem, and I almost forgot, Support suggested me to post on Behance.

Here is a simple question for you and Support. Why do Creative Market collections and other collections can be seen and others (like mine) can´t. So far I am not satisfied by the answers provided by CM. It is making me and my store to look bad since a person that would like to see my collections can’t unless they are logged in.

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Hey @drew.coffman,

I randomly checked 45 pages (from creativemarket.com/collection/recent) of collections, the following collections are missing - all I see is their thumbnail.

I accessed the link in incognito mode in Chrome which simulated a new user with no account in CM therefore not logged in.

Christmas by Charlie777
Patterns by etonestudio

Display Type by cndunn28
Watercolor by paweenitburanavoraku
PHOTO SPACE by orbrands.com
Poster Mockups by vibesandshapes

Ambient + Sketch by TheNarrativeologist1
Weihnachten Kerze by Einzelbaer
Planets by aerobuff

Lieblingscontent by Papierfunkeln

Fonts_Extravagant by kimberly.theis.7

In 5 randomly selected pages (each containing 15 collections thumbnails), 12 individual collections were missing. It represents 15% of all collections in those 05 pages. That is some bug! @drew.coffman.

In the handpicked section of the collections:

Abstract by JennaPratt4

Logos General by Mafichoni
Floral by christye106
Retro Car Body Shop by inspirationfeed
PERSUADE by scottabanks
Merch 1 by PDelaG

Graphics by srmcarthur
Social by Vicktoriously
Textures by Pixistock

There are only 07 pages of handpicked collections - 105 collections - of those 9 are missing - almost 10%!

Interesting enough, none of the collections created by the user called “CreativeMarket” are affected by this bug.

Hope it helps!!!

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Have the same issue. CM Support team said that soon it’ll be fixed but Collections are still hidden.

@migbruca @floraldeco Has this problem been resolved for you by now?

Somehow I missed this topic and was blissfully unaware of this bug. All my products are organized in Collections and almost every product has the link to the Collection in the desciption.

Today I clicked on one link without logging in, and the rest you know. It appears that it might be the same for all shop owners. Or just lucky few?

@drew.coffman I’m going to contact Support with this, but could you comment on the progress. It first came out in September (if not earlier). Surely there has been some progress by now?

Hi @sceptical_cactus

I just checked before answering you… No it hasn’t been solved, and I have no hopes about it being resolved

@migbruca A pity. I’ll contact support anyway, but it looks kinda hopeless. :expressionless:

@migbruca I got a reply from support, which worked for me: " Please go to your Account Settings https://creativemarket.com/account/settings and check the option to “Show Likes, Comments, Recommendations, Following, and Collection activity on public profile” in order for your Collections to be viewable by others."

I guess, in your case it must domething else, because then you wouldn’t be waiting since September, but I’m sharing this info just in case.

Thanks, it worked!!. I am pretty sure they just added that check box recently. I contacted support in September and they didn’t tell me that.

@migbruca All is well that ends well. :laughing: