Please... Remove the "Unathorized Device" 2FA for Payouts Already

Every single time I try and request a payout, I get the “Unauthorised Device” error page.

It claims to send me a 2FA email, which most of the time never arrives in my account (yes, I’ve checked my spam/promotions folders, and yes other CM emails like sales notifications come through just fine).

Today, I click the “resend email” link and get a new error message: Dropbox - Screenshot 2021-07-31 at 11.05.18.png - Simplify your life

So now, once again, just to access the payouts page, I have to contact support.

I understand the need for 2FA. 2FA is important when trying to access or change sensitive details.

However, if the payout address has not been changed, why do we need to go through 2FA just to request a payout?

Might some unscrupulous hacker access my account and request a payout for met? :sweat_smile:

Surely the 2FA should only be required if we try to change the payout method details, not for requesting payouts.

Only on my phone does it make me authorize my account. does it every time and its been like that for years. :sweat_smile: