Please implement a Right Click Blocker to stop thieves


Please could you add a right click blocker to CM so that listing images and text can’t be easily copied, saved and reused by scammers who are buying a copy of a digital product and then on-selling it, or using it as a free offering on their ad revenue generating platform.

Websites like:

and Apps like:
Lazy Share -
BrushesMasterProcreate -
Probrushes for Pro Creator - ‎Probrushes for Pro Creator on the App Store

The theft of digital design assets is reaching epidemic proportions. A right click blocker would at least make it more obvious that the scammer’s product offerings weren’t legit if their listing images were terrible screen shots and their product descriptions were badly translated gibberish.

This website: even goes so far as to use the word Creative Market in the title of the pirated products, eliminating any doubt as to where they acquired the material in the first place.


Yes @drew.coffman this is a great idea!!!

I have been thinking about the best way to solve this piracy issue and i have come up with an idea.
Digital product designers pool together funds into an account ( $5 per month per designer ).
This account pays a white hat hacker to disrupt and crash a list of sites selling or giving away our products. now i don’t know anything about hacking but ive been told it can be done and hackers are pretty cheap. What do you think?

I would 100% be interested!

This is an interesting idea and I’m happy to pass it on to the team. However, I imagine that there are several downsides to implementing this type of blocker. First, I imagine that anyone savvy enough to bulk download and upload products is also savvy enough to figure out a way around this through javascript. Second, I imagine that there are several valid reasons why allowing legitimate customers to save these images in a good thing — and disabling right click might lead to a decrease in sales for you! Third, this would likely interfere with Pinterest pinning - and if it didn’t, that would be a simple source from which anyone could download the files. I love the creative thinking but I’m not sure if this would be an ideal solution :blush: Hope that makes sense!


I have recently signed up with a DMCA takedown company called HARVEL Harvel

They scan for and remove infringing content. I was sceptical at first but emailed them and signed up, but only after asking a ton of questions. They’ve managed to get my content taken off which I am really grateful for, since I couldn’t find an email address or any way to contact them.

They also remove infringing content from Google searches which is really helpful.

The service does have a monthly fee, but I am literally saving hours of my life not worrying about this crap.

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know about it.