Please help! Someone sells my fonts on ETSY

This is a very sad story as I don’t know what to do. So I need your assistance.

A few days ago I got a message from another designer that my font is selling on ETSY without my permission.

ABSOLUTELY ALL FONTS belong to different owners. You can easily find them on Creative Market.

I sent abuse to ETSY, but received formal refusal. I know that other designers who found their fonts on that account sent abuses as well, but also got refusal.

Unfortunately ETSY’s bureaucracy supports those who steal our fonts. We wrote several times to ETSY, but they are still ignore us and cannot delete this store. It’s outrageous!





and so on… you can find the original owner for every item… I sent it to ETSY, but they are too busy to investigate and reply us with standard refuse.

  1. Did you have similar difficulties when ETSY don’t want to remove stolen files?
  2. Do you consider that ETSY must close fraud account?

I found new shops that sell stolen fonts on ETSY:



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Hey there!

We’re sorry to see this! Obviously at Creative Market we don’t have any control over what’s on Etsy’s marketplace, though I think most shop owners who’ve experienced this have had success filing DMCAs with the marketplace to see this type of product removed. On our end, we’re constantly working to reduce piracy by preventing more and more suspicious downloads through our site’s internal security process.

If you see your products being shared on other sites without your permission, as the copyright holder you’ll need to send the DMCA notice to the site and their host. Here’s a link to a help file which offers a form you can use: How can I resolve a copyright dispute?

Hope this information has been helpful!

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It’s so upsetting to see your work being sold by someone else. It’s a plague on the internet for digital products.

Did you try using Etsy’s DMCA report link? They make it pretty easy to send the DMCA. Etsy is obligated to remove the infringing content with a DMCA notice UNLESS the seller files a counter to the claim. You have to supply all the supporting evidence (URLs and/or screenshots) in your report.

Here’s Etsy’s DMCA submission link:

I have not tried DMCA on Etsy, but I’ve had to message a few sellers who were infringing/closely copying my work. I do think the more designers you can get sending DMCA’s, the more likely the Shop is to get flagged.

Hope you can shut them down.

Thank you for your help. Yes, I sent reports to ETSY, but each time I receive refusal.

Just updated my original post with new shop who sells stolen fonts.

Thank you, I sent DMCA to ETSY legal. I will keep you updated.

Anyway this is very painful to be a participant of such issues. A few years ago I shared an idea for CreativeMarket to open a new direction (not sure how to name it) that protect my rights. I am happy to sign documents that CM can represent my copyrights. I am happy to pay for this service, but I want to focus on my job and be sure that my rights are protected.

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I have a solution.
I just had the same problem with an Etsy store. I could not believe that once they agreed that the shop i reported was a fraud the didn’t delete the shop. Just took the product off.
Here is what you do.

Go to their store.
click on the reviews.
See every user who has created a review of that store.
Send every user who has left a review this message:

Hi . I noticed that you had left a review of a font purchased on _____ store.
This font is actually owned by me and has been stolen and re-sold by this Etsy store.
Please see link to my original product
You do not have the legal right to use this font and could face legal action if you do so.
I understand you have already paid for this font under the impression that you were doing the right thing. Since you had no idea that it was stolen i am fine with you still using this font if you update your review on the Etsy store to say something like this: Beware this shop sells stolen digital products and you do not have the legal right to use anything purchased on this store and give it a 1 star review. This will help us get the shop shut down and hopefully everyone can support the real designers. Thanks so much for your help.

This will ruin their store and most probably make them close it.
It worked for me. Good Luck.


@BlessedPrint Even from your side you can prevent also the one thing is make watermark on for “preview images”. As they take as it is so from next time they can’t take images as it is.

Thank you for a wise advice!

Khushbugohil Unfortunately even watermarks don’t help. I have it.

@BlessedPrint Oh!! then How they make preview images :thinking: what is the idea about discuss with that seller…

And infringement letter and that reporting for copyright also will work and one day it’s will be protected but still if possible then discussion with seller is key.

@Khushbugohil Do you believe that a seller without a bit of conscience will delete the files? Of course I sent several messages to seller, but didn’t get any response.

I am sending daily(!) reports to ETSY and DMCA. All reports get refusal. Yesterdays they replied me on DMCA that I need provide more information about myself. Just sent it… awaiting. If I will be lucky they remove those items the links I sent.


My conclusion that ETSY is OK that exist such shops with stolen items! It is true, otherwise they removed such shops. Of course they get commissions from each sold item, they get fees on listings.


I started another conversation on ETSY forum and they simply deleted it in a few of hours!

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@BlessedPrint Oh! I know you are constantly trying for it and dedicated too …but let me know is there anything which I can help🤔

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@drew.coffman Thank you one more time. FINALLY etsy removed my fonts. All reports were refused. DMCA was reviewed and after asking me more details (address, phone, email…) they did it.

However they shop account with stolen fonts still exist. ETSY doesn’t think about their reputation at all.

@NewTropical You will be surprised, but ETSY blocked me :slight_smile: I sent several messages to buyers with warning about their purchases and had some effect, but ETSY decided to block me. So I can’t notify buyers through direct messaging anymore :slight_smile:

I just found a bunch more work on there plus they re-opened a shop i got shut down and it’s still selling stolen fonts. I can’t believe them. something has to be done.

It’s so annoying that Etsy just seems to allow this to happen. Can it be that hard to regulate? They clearly don’t care about the creative community if they openly allow people to sell stolen fonts and design assets whilst happily taking the product listing costs and commission.

@NewTropical I will appreciate if you leave links to another shops with stolen fonts. I think it may help people in future.

Here is another one I just found:

@StudioAurora Yeah ETSY just take their money and don’t care about anything else.
It took me almost a week to force them to remove my fonts. Reports do not help. DMCA works.

But situation is really bad. People who buy digital items from ETSY trust this marketplace and even don’t imagine that it is illegal. That’s why I believe that more people will talk about this problem sooner ETSY may react.

All my emails with warnings were ignored by ETSY. Of course they know that all fonts are stolen, because it takes 5 mins to make sure.

Here is a quick calculation.
I know 3 accounts with ~2000 sales each. ETSY takes $0.20 per published listing. It means that just 3 accounts earned >$1K + 5% commission. Not so bad, so why ETSY should care about community.

  1. The first thing we can do is make sure that our fonts do not appear in these stores and require their removal in time.
  2. The second thing we need discuss this problem widely.

I’m very sorry you have to deal with this. I believe it must be frustrating and I can absolutely understand the disbelieve you might feel in this situation.
So here is the thing: I assume the support you get on Etsy is far away from Etsy itself. Which means you won’t get serious contact or sth near to Etsy deciders so to speak.
What I personally would do in such a situation is use social media for this. I would make an Instagram video which is easy shareable and than you and all the others that are affected by this incident can share it with their community. Tag Etsy and the Etsy Success channel and all the other related Etsy things to be seen and share the hell out of it. Be as loud as you can and you will find more affected people who will share it too. The art community on Instagram is huge and if someone is treated wrong by a company, they get very vocal about it. Also look for big Etsy related Youtube accounts and contact them on Instagram. Maybe someone with a big following who talked about it on social media (YT) before? Simply try to be as visible as possible. I think this could move sth. You can even bring it to the point in which you create a hashtag like “etsyfakes” or sth like that and tell people to use it.

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  • another shop with stolen fonts: