Please help: Opening a shop without social media?

Hello all! :wave:

I recently applied to open a shop on Creative Market but got the following feedback:

Unfortunately, we are having trouble verifying your identity, which is an important step to securing your spot on the marketplace.

Please consider using an email address that is also associated with your public social media account(s), and/or sending us some more examples of your online presence. We take this extra step to ensure the safety of our shop owners, and we do so appreciate your understanding.

I made the decision years ago to stay off of social media for personal reasons. I was hoping it would be possible to open a shop without a social media presence (that’s part of why I’m applying here in the first place), so I’m a bit discouraged.

Does anyone have any pointers on how to get verified without being forced to sign up for social media? So far I’ve changed my contact email from my Gmail address to my custom domain ( and created a LinkTree with my portfolio and Gumroad accounts: David T. Blanchard | Linktree. Anything else I should try before reapplying?

Thanks for any feedback, I appreciate it :relaxed:


Hi @Blanchard143 - welcome to the forums.

Changing your email was the first step, that should help with getting approved. You have your own website so that’s also good. I get you don’t want to be on social media but you could try Facebook. I think it’s a good option as you don’t really need to engage with it too much, but at least gives you some further presence online. The email and Facebook just might get you approved.

Good luck!

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I’ll suggest opening an account on Pinterest. You can keep interactions there at a minimum.

Hope it helps!


I think you have the absolute right to stay off of social media. I’d not suggest opening any form of social media account for the sake of getting accepted anywhere. I think your email and gumtree etc. should be enough but you could offer some other proof like asking CM to send you a safe ID verification link if they don’t find this enough already.


@Blanchard143 This discussion may help

I don’t have any social media :blush: still I got approved (Pinterest I have and that is basically search engine for images)

So you can create account that give idea that yes this is same like Behance you can add your work and links of contact info in bio

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