"Please correct the following social network usernames"

I have been modifying my Shop profile to update my profile pic and banner and I encountered a problem with the social media URLs. On the top of the page of my account settings was an error saying “Please correct the following social network usernames” I checked my URLs to see if they were correct and they were, tried to update, and it wouldn’t change anything in my profile. So I ended up deleting the URLs, updating all that I had to, saving without SM URLs. And then proceed to fill in the URLs of my SM profiles and saving, but to no avail. Is still saying up top “Please correct the following social network usernames:” and deleted any information I had pasted of the URLs.

My SM profiles all work, all have the correct address. So Im not sure what is going on.
Any clues?


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Hello! You know I have the same problem, similar, they won’t help you here. I have already written in support, a week has passed, there are no results. They are there, they change something in the design of the marketplace, and in the end we suffer.