PhotoShop vs PhotoShop Elements

Greetings all you talented people! There are so many beautiful packages here.
At the risk of sounding astoundingly dumb, I have a question. I noticed that most of these say what photo programs they are compatible with, like PhotoShop and Illustrator and such. Does that mean that I have to have those programs? Will any of these work with PhotoShop Elements as well?

Thanks for the help everyone!

Hey @bloggergal99 ! Thanks for your question! To clarify, Photoshop Elements is a ‘beginners’ version of Photoshop that has a limited amount of functionality compared to the ‘full’ version. If you see products listed as compatible with Photoshop, you should be able to open them in Essentials but it might be limited in what it can do because of a lack of features.

Additionally, Illustrator is a completely separate program within the Adobe suite, and to open Illustrator files you would indeed need that program. Hope that helps!