Payout still pending

Today is the 5th January and my payout is still pending. The amount on the top of the page shows also the amount of the last month. Has anybody the same problem?


@drew.coffman Same here. The status is still pending.

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Hey @Imagearea and @klampstudio — We’re not experiencing any delays on our end! To understand this in more detail, please contact our Support team who will be happy to look at your account in detail and see what’s going on.

Hi @drew.coffman Thanks for the reply. Actually I already contact Support team, but still no update after that!

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Me too.
Payout is still pending. I think it’s time to contact support.


Mine is still Processing :confused:

Mine still Processing…

I was asked to provide once again my passport info and picture. I did it the first time back when they started outsourcing payments, uploaded again in December 2021 and today!
My payment is still processing… any useful information you can provide @drew.coffman?

Same here… I’ve just send message to Support.

I have the same issue too

Any news? I have not receive the payment yet!

I received mine 3 days ago.


Mine is now on processing. I forgot to update my tax information.

Today is the 10th January and my payout is still pending, But no one of the staff say nothing, not notifications, not email with instructions, We have not know what is happening.

Hey @zacomic , have you contacted our Support team?

Hi @drew.coffman Same here. To this day The status is my Payout still pending :frowning:

Mine is still on hold because of your payment processor @drew.coffman. I am guessing you have no say in it. Maybe, they need a blood sample or a DNA test to make sure we are who we say we are. I’ve been here for almost 9 years, not a single issue with payments until now. Same me, same passport information, nothing is changed since I was born, same citizenship…
Same old me…


No, I hadn’t done it until you mentioned it, I never had a problem with it, I just trusted that at any moment you would pay. On our side nothing has changed.

And I am not the only one with the same problem and you know it, why did you keep quiet waiting for us to claim if the problem is not ours?

After writing to support, what will happen?
I must wait for you to read my query, the one that is on a big waiting list, then you will answer me asking for information, then I will answer and I will have to wait again for you to read my answer, and all this is about time, money and bills.


15 days have passed since I issued my payment request! and nothing has happened! Last email from support was two days ago! Since then total silence! CM is withholding my money that was earned fair and square, for nine years I have complied with all that’s been requested and now I haven’t been able to pay bills that were scheduled according to my monthly payments from Creative Market.

This has been the status of my Payments & Tax Setup page for the last 10 or 12 days!

Hey @zacomic and @migbruca, sorry to hear that you’ve been having issues with payouts! Because this is a public forum, I’m unable to check in on your specific issues or comment publicly — but I did check in with the support team to make sure that your issue is being worked on, @migbruca!

I would imagine that in many cases, since this is the beginning of the year, these issues are tied to missing or incomplete tax forms. Rest assured our team is happy to help ensure that those forms are completed and payouts are sent! :slight_smile: