Participate in our Spring Sale!

Calling all shop owners! We’re working to help give business owners and budding entrepreneurs around the world an extra push this Spring. You’re invited to join our Spring Sale and help give businesses a fresh start! :muscle:

Here’s how to join the sale:

  1. Set your sale prices. Choose products you’d like to include in the sale and adjust the prices to a discount of at least 10% off the original price.

  2. Edit your product titles and descriptions. Add the word “Sale” to the title of your discounted products and include the original prices in the description

That’s it! As long as your products are updated with those requirements, they will be discoverable within our “Sale” and eligible to be featured starting April 21 through April 30.

Want to be featured on our Finds Pages?

We’re looking for great products on sale to feature in our live and upcoming pages. After you’ve joined the sale, you may submit up to 3 products to be considered for our Finds Pages!

Send an email including no more than 3 of your sale product URLs to for a chance to be featured*.

*Please note we cannot guarantee that all products submitted will be featured in our marketing channels, or on Finds pages. However, ALL sale products that meet the above criteria will be discoverable within the main “Sale” search page.

If you have any questions regarding the Spring Sale, visit the Spring Sale Shop FAQ in our Help Center or drop us a note here!


This is awesome I’m excited to see what happens with it.

Good idea but we miss the creativemarket bundle

My themes are in the top in the section. Although there were no purchases) I think this will be a good trick for me as I am a beginner

With the bulk editor not working I don’t see how I can put multiple items for sale. YOU GUYS NEED TO FIND A BETTER WAY FOR US TO BULK EDIT OUR LISTINGS!!


Great, @drew.coffman , but I can’t write to the email address
I got this return error message :
550 5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist

@ArtGrootfontein the email about is ‘ ‘ , not just ‘promos’ :slight_smile:

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Good things are going now all the way.

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sales like this need to be easier for sellers to access. There should simply be an option to join the sale, then another option to list your items you want to put in the sale.

I don’t want to edit individual listings AND then send you an email. Thats so 1999

Comon! Thats why you get a 40% cut. Please figure this out.


I totally agree with @MyClipArtStore plus it’s second sale after black friday :grin:

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Wooo, cheers guys - looking good on the front page.

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Totally agree with everything @MyClipArtStore said. Sending an e-mail to sellers one day before the sale starts - c’mon guys. And as long as there’s no automatic option to put items on sale, doing such promotions doesn’t make much sense to me.

Another thing is that I’ve seen products that have the same price as normal but are listed in the sale section, probably just because they added the word ‘sale’ in the name of the product - I assume it’s some kind of automatic aggregation…


Thank you for bringing my WordPress Theme to the TOP. In the [small business] products! section, it is trending. Purchases have already appeared. I am very glad that you chose my work!


@MajesticThemes awesome to hear!!

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We’ll definitely work to continue building out features for sales in the future :slight_smile:

However, just because the sale has started doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still participate! This sale will be going all month long and is just beginning, there’s plenty of time to join in!!

Also, @MajesticThemes , congrats!!!


Stoked for this sale! :love_you_gesture:

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Is the sale all month? Swear I read somewhere that it ends 27th?
If it’s all month then I gotta put some more products on sale ASAP, this thing completely killed my sales :joy:

@angelainthefields The sale runs until the 30th!