Over 1 million USD in sales- Here is my advice

Huge congratulations @NewTropical and thank you for sharing these with us. Its absolutely great advice and a great thread as I am seeing so many different points of view and advises. Its amazing, thank you! I totally agree with @angelekamp regarding the social media/instagram part. I have no clue how to track traffic from these platforms but I´ve had many potential clients from Instagram in the form of inquiries which later converted to sales etc, and I think Pinterest helps a lot too!

Sorry for the late reply. Creative Market was the first marketplace i started selling on. I only made $3 in my first 3 months on CM but i stuck with it!


@NewTropical Congrats!!! Thank you so much for sharing such great advice :slight_smile:

Thank you so much everyone to share your advices. We never know when we see success stories if they still make so much sales in 2021 or the good money was from the past years only and not achievable today. You answer the question!

It is definitely harder now to make as much money as the last few years or even from 6 months ago.
More and more shops and new marketplaces have made the competition much harder. You just have to double down and work twice as hard!


Great attitude. Unfortunately, it’s pushed me the other way, hopefully I can personally get back into designing again.

In one of the other discussions they’re discussing copycat designs being constantly handpicked, and I think partly this is why I have become a bit demotivated - my last few projects have been of good quality and fairly original, however, they have not been handpicked (when I’ve seen products that look like 500 others being handpicked) and have gone on to die a slow product death.