Over 1 million USD in sales- Here is my advice

@NewTropical Thank you so much now I clear for keywords, Product image update is actually a good option

@NewTropical Hey Tom, just curious why do you follow so many people on creative market?

Ha good question. When i first started at CM and had no followers i would follow as many people as i could in hopes that they would then follow me back. I think for every 10 people i followed 1 would follow me back. It was a desperate tactic but at the time I was just doing what i could to get followers. I had seen some stores that followed 100,000 other stores. They had written an automated script to automatically follow everyone. Creative Market stopped people doing that pretty quickly and now there is a limit on how many people you can follow per day. So that is why, but i don’t think it’s worth it .

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Hey New Tropical!

Just a few more questions because I‘m curious :wink:

  • how many time do you need for one font (on average)? I mean a font takes a loot of time for all the letters (upper and lower case), the numbers, all the accents and special characters, the spacing and kerning, and so on…
  • what software are you using for font design?
  • you always write in the description that your font’s are multilingual. what does that mean exactly? How many characters are you creating approximately? Do the fonts also support hebrew, cyrillic, chinese or other similar languages? Or only the latin?
  • do you think it’s still possible to make a way like you did today? I am not sure if the world of graphics almost exploded the last years… if you don’t find a special niche that is highly requested, it is quite hard I think to make good money. but that’s just my opinion in my 1st year on Creative market.
  • the 1 million is the revenue — which meany you got 600,000 $. Over what time is that?
  • marketing: actually I think at the beginning there is at least a little marketing needed to make yourself visible for others. at some point of success it is obsolete I guess. But it also depends if your target group is already people on creative market or non-designers that are just googling — for those I guess it’s quite important to have good text and tags to be found with certain search keywords.
  • by the way a general question: when did creative market start to take 40 % of each sale. In my research I found very often that it’s 70 % / 30 %. Is there any perspective that it will change back to the old one where designers get more out of their work?
  • follow for follow: i also think that this one is not very important, except you and exactly your potential buyers…

Thanks for your details. Really appreciate this!

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Thanks @NewTropical
I hope I’ll get to put those tips into action one day if my shop application ever gets accepted!

It takes me about 2-3 weeks to make a font once i have the idea. A good idea can come in a second or take months. I just keep trying ideas until one works. There more i do it, the quicker i get at kerning and accents etc as i can start with previous fonts templates rather than from scratch. I use fontself as it is a plugin for illustrator and thats my software of choice.

I use the basic character set that myfonts.com states as a basic character set plus i add polish as i get requests for that. It’s usually a few hundred glyphs but it’s only latin characters. When i sell fonts for $14 i need to draw a line on how many glyphs i make. If you wanted to do every glyph, there would be thousands.

Every day it’s getting harder to make money from digital products as more and more products come out. You really need to stand out to make good money these days but it’s still possible. There are also way more marketplaces competing for sales than ever before.

The 1 million would probably work out to about 650,000 USD in profit as the % used to be 70 but not its 60. It happened about a year ago so you could imagine how much money that lost me in that one decision. I’m lucky that i live in australia and the exchange rate to USD is good so even though i lost 30%-40% in commissions, i gained 30% in the exchange rate so ended up around 1 million Australian Dollars.

Yes the follow for a follow was a dumb thing i did in the past. I would not recommend that.
Hope this all helps.


Thank you so much for all your tips and insights. It’s really interesting and hopefully helpful for any future decisions and products :slight_smile: Thanks!!!

Congrats on a million in sales - that’s mind-blowing! :exploding_head: Keep up the great work, and thanks so much for sharing your advice! :partying_face: This will be incredibly helpful.

Wow, that’s a big milestone to hit. Congrats and thanks for your insights. Not sure if I agree with all of your advice as some things that work for you will not work for others. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Set the trend.
    Absolutely! This is easier said than done but definitely something everyone should aspire in order to create unique and products that will sell.

  2. Forget marketing and Instagram
    Uhm no, this advice stinks. Don’t forget marketing and Instagram as they are the best way to find your audience. Especially when you are small you need to build up your audience and there is no better way to do this then on Instagram while you work on your skills and share your process with the world.

  3. Bring an audience
    Yes, definitely bring your own audience. How to do this? Marketing and Instagram is the way to go. But please don’t take your product down if it is not selling well. Sometimes it just takes time. Plant your seeds on Social media like Instagram and Pinterest. Especially Pinterest takes some time but that won’t work if you take down your product and change your url.
    One of my best-selling products did not have a great start and it didn’t start selling regularly till a few months in but I kept promoting it on Instagram and Pinterest and it ended up being on the homepage for several months.

Anyway, that’s just my perspective. What works for some will not work for all. Keep up the hard work everyone!

Oh, and the link to that product https://crmrkt.com/RKvKWx
Yes, that’s an affiliate link cause every little bit helps. That’s another great tip, don’t be afraid to use your affiliate link.

One last thing, just out of curiosity. Does the total of the 1 mil revenue include affiliate sales?


I wonder about these affiliates. Is this enough to click Pinterest pin it to be paid as an affiliate? Or I need to put some link somewhere?

Ok, maybe i was exaggerating when i said forget marketing and instagram. My point is that way too many people spend 70% of their day designing their latest instagram post and on marketing. I think that should be 10% of your day with the other 90% spent on actually working or your products and skillset. For example i only post about twice a week on instagram and spend about an hour responding to messages and comments. Yesterday a huge typography account posted my latest typeface to an audience 10 times my following. Because i spent all of my time on the product and improving my skills, the product got the attention and was promoted for me. It would have taken me way more time to market the product to that big of an audience but i didn’t have too because i had spent all my time making it. You get the idea.

As for taking products down. This is only to improve them and then put them back up with another chance of CM promoting them for you. Not to can the product all together.

That figure did not included affiliate links. I have only just started doing affiliates and only for my products to track who is coming to my site from elsewhere. There is not much money in it really.
thanks for your input!


same in my products as far. My 3 lasts had around 35 views so it’s doesn’t seem to be very optimistic. Well, yeah, I added them within the last 2 months and I saw that it was a pretty bad period in general for CM sellers but if I could earn some extra dollars on just pining stuff it doesn’t seem to be that big pain. Well, if I have to make some bigger extra effort that could potentially be too much.

I get what you’re saying. As far as marketing goes, I like to share my process as much as possible. It’s way easier and more authentic to share a quick snap of my desk while at work than designing the perfect IG post. Personally, I’m not interested in following other accounts that only share end products and nothing of themselves or behind the scenes.

That’s very impressive if it does not include affiliate sales. I think it’ll take me years and years to cross the 1M dollar mark.

Pinterest is one of my favorite marketing tools. It’s so little work and has a high return.


Thanks. I don’t know yet how Pinterest works in the case of marketing but I at least start to run a profile with that purpose in mind lately. I only used this as an inspiration platform till now so I guess it will take me some time to understand the game people play there. I didn’t even consider it as a platform to look for current trends. Just because I thought it works like another sm platform: you see what you like and follow. A lot of things to learn.

Congrats, Tom! I’m happy for you. I just started and I have 4 products yet. I hope CM will be good for me too :slight_smile:

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congrats my dood. awesome advice

@StudioAurora and @NewTropical,
Just an idea and I’m not 100% sure if that works but how about shortening your links with e.g. bit.ly? Then you can use a specific one for Instagram and one for Pinterest and therefore you know where your traffic comes from :slight_smile:

Bity those kind of shortener doesn’t work Pinterest i think … Pinterest is bit stirct with it … creativemarket does work …

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