Over 1 million USD in sales- Here is my advice

I noticed my sales had gone over 1 million dollars the other day and i thought that was pretty cool.
(see screenshot) I thought i might offer some advice for sellers trying to get their stores making $.

  1. Set the trend, don’t follow it.
    I put most of my success down to being ahead of the trends.
    Realistic moodboard PSD templates. I was the first, now they are everywhere. Shadow overlays in mockups. I was the original, now it’s hard to find a mockup without one. Ornate ligatures in fonts. Me again. I just released a font with built in graphics too and i’ve never seen one of them before.
    My point is not to brag but to show if you want to make $$$ come up with something original. That way your competing with no one!

  2. Forget marketing and instagram, just work on your skills.
    With millions of products on CM you have to be the best to stand out. So many people wonder why their products are not selling and when i look at their work, it’s just not that good. Thats ok. We are all getting better and learning every day. I look at the best type foundries in the world and think ,wow they are so much better than me and thats exciting because it means i can go way more levels above what my skills are now if i keep at it. Instead of putting out lots of products, just spend your time becoming a master of your craft. Practice hundreds of hours on whatever your niche is to become the best. Once your the best you don’t need to market it because everyone will do that for you.

  3. Bring an audience.
    The first week of your product is make or break. It will either take off or fade away to the 100th page. Entice your audience to buy straight away as that kick starts the algorithm in your favour. Do what ever you can, give away a freebie with the first 10-20 sales or something like that. If you product does not sell, then take it down, make it better and put it back up again. Don’t just give up on it.

The digital product game is getting harder every day. More and more people and competition means it’s tough to make an income from this.

Become the best and be unique. Get your product buzzing from the first drop. Thats the formula.

If you want to ask anymore questions, just post them below.

Shoutout to Creative Market for being the best marketplace and helping us creatives live the dream!



Thanks for the advice, Tom! love it.

Wow, that true, I’m learning every day!
What a great idea with freebie with first sales! I would love to read more amazing advises from you!)

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Congrats, Tom!!! Well deserved. So happy for you, thanks for the inspiration.

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What a great numbers to me. Congrats Tom… Thanks for your advice anyway :coffee::+1:

congrats my dood. awesome advice

Congrats Bro! Thanks for your super advice :grinning:

Congrats! Really cool!

Congrats, @NewTropical !! We love your shop and are so glad you’re a part of this marketplace!


Congrats and thanks for your advice!

Congrats @NewTropical , that’s some number!! I’ll be over the moon when I finally reach even 1/10th of that!

Anyway, thanks for being such an inspiration and being a reminder that success can be had and that you don’t need to have had a shop open in the magical good old days of 2017 to make money.

I totally agree with point 3. This is the single biggest thing for me on CM - they can almost dictate the success of a product depending on whether or not it’s handpicked and even better included in the weekly email. Interesting you mention removing and improving a product if it doesn’t get traction right away? Have you done this yourself? Have those products go on to be handpicked and succeed? I’ve definitely had products released where I thought they would do well but instead completely flop so I might look into what’s missing about them, improve and rerelease.

In addition to Handpicked/Weekly email, what percentage of traffic do you think is driven by your Insta and Pinterest? I see you have a good following on Insta with plenty of likes so it would be interesting to hear how this converts. The social media site of things is definitely one area I’m a complete failure at!…I’m wondering if it’s worth it.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Thanks @StudioAurora .
Yes i take my product down if it does not get handpicked, tweak it and make it better then put it up again. Thats only if it’s not getting sales. If your getting sales, your moving up the ranking. If you not getting sales, you’r moving down. You don’t want to get too far down or you’r lost in the back pages.

It’s funny because i used to get nothing out of instagram. The organic reach was terrible because i didn’t want to play the algorithm game of posting 2 times a day and staying constantly engaged. I have 2 little kids and i’d rather spend that time with them than trying to keep up with the ever changing instagram best practice. I would just post and ghost a few times a week. But then something happened where i just started getting re-posts and more engagement and now the reach has become amazing. It’s kind of like Creative Market in that once you get a bit of success it’s much easier to get more. This goes back to my 2nd point in the original post. People will market your work for you for free if it’s original and high quality. I always think about the car company Tesla. They don’t advertise and hardly have any social media presence but they are becoming the biggest car company in the world because everyone is hyping them for free. I get about 4-8 sales per day from instagram and i can track them from the affiliate link notifications. Instagram is great to kick start a product because you can hype it up for a few days before hand. I have about 10,000 insta followers so even if 0.1% of them buy it on the first day that 10 sales and a great start.

As for pinterest. I have no idea. There is no way of tracking the clicks / sales to see the results. I ran a few ads once on pinterest and the conversion was terrible.

Hope this helps


Holy sh*t!

I just got excited for hitting $ 300 (=27 sales) and 100 pinterest followers. in 11 months…

Actually, I think that I made a lot things quite good

  • Found my own niche with unique products (the first complete collection of REAL connected monograms)
  • Chose a shop name that’s easy to remember and SEO-supporting
  • Created products that are not following trends, but should stay kind of timeless (or maybe this Calligraphy/Script style will be the next trend?)
  • Put a lot of mindwork into the cover-pictures and screenshots to make it clean, simple and self-explanatory at the same time
  • Invested a looooot of time into perfect vectors and countless mockups
  • Made a nice & appealing shop banner
  • Put a lot effort into my text to make it attractive, informative and SEO-optimized at the same time
  • Created approx. 150 pins in perfect dimensions and text overlays, posting regularly every day on pinterest
  • Created an instagram account

But to be really successful, I guess you need to be good in every little detail & all pieces of the whole chain for a digital product. And probably, as you say – when you are good, you don’t need any marketing & promotion at all.

I think almost everyday about starting a new shop with completely different products – or sticking to my base and developing further styles for monograms. (feedback always appreciated)

Thanks for your advice! I will try to keep it in mind for my next products!

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@NewTropical Hey Tom, thanks for the response - very helpful. Regarding replacing a product would you keep one up even if it has achieved just 1/2 sales in a couple of months? I’ve had that a couple of times and in hindsight I can identify reasons why it might not be resonating from the product itself to presentation so I am tempted to update.

Also with Insta you mention you can track affiliate link notifications? Is that something that can be done on CM or on Insta?

Incredible achievement, @NewTropical ! Congratulations on your success. :blush: And thank you so much for sharing your advice on growing your business here on CM. I’d never considered taking down under-performing products, re-vamping and re-uploading, but I will definitely give it a whirl.

@NewTropical Congratulations and Thank you so much for your Guidence!!!:sparkles:
What about keywords ,how you choose those for product on CM, how you optimise meta title and data any guidance will helpful…

Congrats on the milestone. That’s a big time achievement! @NewTropical

To add to the info you’re sharing I have personally had success “re-packaging” products that didn’t make sales. One in particular went from no sales for months and then once I changed the look of the preview images and tweaked the product description it eventually became my 3rd best seller.

So what you’re saying rings true as I have witnessed it first hand.

Once again thanks for sharing w/ us and here’s to $1M more! :+1:

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I just use basic keywords that fit the product. The algorithm promotes products that sell well. Unless you have unique keywords that people are specifically looking for, the keywords don’t have a huge influence. If you are using basic keywords like ,logo, wedding, template, typeface etc, you are competing with thousands of products so CM will put forward the better selling products. If you are using unique keywords then you better hope that customers are specifically searching for them.

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I would take it down. Check what page it shows up on in relevant searches and if it’s not in the top 4-5 pages then it won’t be found.

As for insta, i set my email alerts in CM to mail me when i make a partner sale. This means someone has clicked my affiliate link and they are a new CM customer. This link is through my website but all my website traffic comes from my instagram. I’m sure i get other sales from insta from customers who already have CM accounts but i can’t see how many. you can also go to sales and click referral commissions to see how many you get.

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@NewTropical Congrats!