Our work is being put us as free on extraGFX

I am absolutely destroyed to find my products (most of my products) being given away as freebies on this website. Many of these packs are only selling here on Creative Market, some not. All of my most premium packs are being given away as free downloads and there are MANY MANY other artists products listed there. My disclaimers have been cut off my previews and someone going by the name “Jenla” has put their name onto my work, alongside many of your products as well. This is disgusting and it is outright theft. I urge everyone to go into the site and search for their work - guaranteed it will come up for many of you!

I have written repeatedly to them to tell them to remove my products but they ignore my messages. Does anyone know how I can force them to remove my products? Please help!

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@StarStudios this might be help you :blush:

Thanks for this, Khushbugohil. It’s a super frustrating and disheartening thing they’re doing. Most of my shop is available on the site for free. Appreciate the help.

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@StarStudios Your Welcome!

Oho keep calm… don’t take too much load inside, after application your move it will impactful by procedure of law, I understand your hardwork and time which is very valuable.

And another is strength of unity if all seller constantly tell them, then they will remove as they can see power of unity. I appreciate you aware others.

I also aware fellow seller for there items selling as freebie if I come across.