Our Fonts use on Corjl.com online software and for print on demand

Hi @drew.coffman

Can you please help us

Someone using my font for logo template and selling it on Etsy
Also uploading my font to a website Corjl.com online software
so the buyers can edit the logo before purchasing

Here is my font

Here is the Store on etsy

Online software the Store Use

I just want to ask is this really allowed by Creatimarket font license?

Because I don’t think it’s fair for us type designer
We spent months designing and coding the fonts with hardwork and love
just to end up get resold by someone in the different format.

@SamParrett @sensatype @NewTropical
I suggest you guys check out this shop too, your fonts can be used there too

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I just saw the same thing last week. My fonts are used too. I personally don’t mind if people use my fonts in corjl if they have purchased the app license and spoken to me personally about it. I know the terms are not quite right but thats the amount i think is fair for that service. I asked the designer if they had contacted me about using them and to show proof of purchase but they couldn’t. I would suggest messaging them also and saying that all the font designers used in these products are going to report DMCAs to etsy if they dont take them all down or organise a proper license.


Thanks for the heads up @NEWFLIX. Creative Market won’t be able to assist here. I have a license extension available through my own personal website which permits this - you can either remove the product through Etsy DMCA, or contact the shop owner to negotiate a license upgrade.

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