Opt-In to Digital Tax Statements

Hey everyone,

We’re very happy to introduce a new option for our Shop Owners and Affiliates to make managing your business easier. Starting today you can now opt-in to get your tax statements delivered to you electronically versus getting tax statements delivered to your physical mailing address.

If you do not opt-in by December 31st, 2020, then you’ll receive your tax statements by mail — so PLEASE, make sure you take a moment and opt-in right now so you don’t forget!

Once you are opted-in, we’ll publish your 2020 tax statements as soon as they are available to us in a new section of the shop profile titled Tax Statements.

To learn more about Digital Tax Statements, and to review important tax disclosures before signing up, check out the Help Center.

Happy to bring this tool to you all!


Hi Drew,

My shop is Star Studios. I opted in before 31 Dec 2020 and updated my tax form which was confirmed by email to me and all seemed good. Then I suddenly got another email earlier in 2021 saying that I had not updated my tax form and that my earnings would be held back. I went in and refilled the tax form, sending a query about this at the same time. My earnings were paid out in full and it seemed the issue was resolved. Then today I made a sale and suddenly my earnings were much less and I see that I’m again being told that my tax form was not updated and an amount has not been paid to me. Please can somebody help me and correct my earnings balance as I keep getting emails that the tax form is fine and then penalised later.

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I have this button hanging on top of me. I checked the box. I hope I did the right thing?

Hey @StarStudios , I’d definitely recommend you contact our Support team as I can’t help you too much with tax issues (with personal information involved) in this public forum. If you message them and explain the situation, I’m sure they’ll be happy to help!

What are you referring to, @MajesticThemes ?