Open shop rejected

Hello. I tried to open a shop but this is the reply I got:
"After looking over your application, the quality of the work you’re currently presenting doesn’t match the standards we’ve set for our community. However, with a little time, we think your work could improve and transform into products that would be successful on our marketplace.

Here are some tips to help you get accepted:

Show completed products that you intend to sell
Demonstrate how your products would be useful for customers
Remove items from your portfolio that do not represent your best work"

Portofolio: C_Monica - Portfolio | GraphicRiver
Please help, what should i change?

I don’t know, I didn’t get that message. I was approved from the 1st time. And now my products are being bought. They just know whether your products will be interesting to people or not. I think so.

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Also advertising I think is prohibited(

i’m not advertising, do you want me to copy all message with time and date when I got their reply? I’m looking for advice. If they approved for you in your first try doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyoane. Thank you

I see wonderful works. I hope you will be approved. I think it’s better to upload the work to Behance there will be a better view. Well, the forum can give advice.

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Yeah, i was thinking about behance. But before I redo the portofolio i was thinking to look for advice first so that next time maybe i will be approved .

I wouldn’t worry at all - I got rejected multiple times and I have a masters degree in design so I didn’t particularly take it as something I did really badly :joy:u

What did get me in though, was sending in previews of my first ‘intended’ three products, as in exactly what I’d sell (literally the previews I would upload to Creative Market). Got approved really fast.
I believe they want to see more than just skills, but sort of how you’ll fit in the marketplace.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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when I applied I did a lot of research into what products they had and what I thought they were missing that their audience might like.


This! Also, just having a lot of work already online to show them will help. When I applied I had a website and was also selling on another site.

Thank you.
I am selling to on another site, but still was rejected
" Show completed products that you intend to sell
Demonstrate how your products would be useful for customers
Remove items from your portfolio that do not represent your best work"
Tha’s why i’m looking for advice so I can better modify my portfolio


@C_Monica Works for Behans (cartoons), a separate collection for Shaterstock on cartoons. In short, they want to know where you are strong, well, marketing skills will be a plus, using layouts, etc.

@C_Monica what is a link to your portfolio if you want I could take a look. and send some feedbacl

I think @angelainthefields gave a great advice - “show previews of intended products for creative market”. In your current portfolio you mostly show separate items while in Creative market mostly sold sets and bundles of design elements, that can be used for some project. My advice is to look at products that are already sold on Creative Market in a similar field, analyse what they offer and how they are structured and take it as an inspiration for your own.
Good luck!

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Thank you.
i put the link in the article, i won’t repeat it since it is a link to where i sell already and i do not want to be accused of advertising.

Your products look good, I like them. My advice is to open a store (it’s free to do so) on and post your products for sale there with the previews, descriptions and everything. That way creative market will be able to see the previews better and will get a better feel of how the products will look here on creative market. This is what I did back in 2014 and I got accepted on my first try. :slight_smile:

I wish you to get accepted right away next time! Good luck! :smiley:

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