Non-Creative Market products: How do I respond to customers contacting me about things outside of Creative Market?

I have many shops and projects accross the internet. Frequently, I get messages on creative market asking me about things I do not sell here. I really do want to help them, but I’m not sure if it’s ok for me to use Creative Market to discuss unrelated products and services. So I typically ignore these messages.

Can anyone let me know what’s ok to talk about with customer support requests? What do I do with a request asking me about something I sell on a different marketplace? Can I direct them to contact me on that other marketplace, or should I just ignore them?

Thank you!

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Custom support is very important and that also a key point for success ratio so you can contact them with those marketplaces from where they lead here because it might be possible on that place message option is not present so he/she couldn’t contact but here they found you can just proceed conversation via email by asking them for it.

So, the typical kind of message I get is about a product I sell on a different website. For some reason they cannot use that website because it’s declining their payment. Since I sell similar products on Creative Market, they are usually enquiring if I can sell them those other products here as well.
Is it ok to direct someone to email me instead?

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Yes. It’s ohkay to direct someone to email but you can add that product on CM and they can get it, it’s make both side safety for asset in future regarding license or etc.If you have idea for license structure using email procedure then also fine :slight_smile: