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Hi all,

I’m considering purchasing illustrations under a commercial license but I’m not quite understanding what is prohibited? Can the illustration be purchased and printed (in house) and sold as wall decals?
Does the illustration need to be ‘changed’ to do so?

Thanks in advance!

Under commercial license you can make physical & digital products as they didn’t mention for modification and you are making wall decal then you can add some other elements but it’s not necessary I think…then also you can read below points for commercial license for refer licences section of Creative market.

The licensed asset can appear in up to 5,000 end products for sale

Can be used for

Up to 5,000 physical or digital end products for sale
One business social media account owned and managed by the licensee
Unlimited physical advertisements for local markets
Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions
Broadcast and streaming for up to 500,000 lifetime viewers

Thanks so much for the input. I’m still very confused as it seems to be giving 2 answers, depending on where you find the info…

**Can I use a graphic as-is to create stickers that I sell?

You may use a licensed graphic to create a sticker that you sell, but keep in mind that under the Commercial License , your sticker’s design must be significantly different than the original pattern; require time, effort, and skill to produce; and not derive its primary value from the graphic itself.

If you would like to use a graphic item as-is in a new sticker that you sell, you will have to purchase an Extended Commercial License . However, keep in mind that your use of the Asset under the Extended Commercial License must not be directly competitive with the original item.

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@BonnieSteiner Simple is you can use as it is in extended Commercial License but as per they said not competitive with original means you can change some color and use as it is.

Under commercial license you can add some you elements I would like to give you example suppose have one cat clipart and want to made sticker to sell then you can just add “miaw” or “Loving” word or flower on top of cat that consider as modification (in simple way to understand, someone can’t extract cat as it is )

And still required some more clearity in to it then you can contact for support of CM :slight_smile: