New shop selling stock photos

Hi, I’ve opened a new shop selling stock photos and I’m sure it’s been done many many times before. I have no idea if it will be successful or not but I do have quite a large number of images to upload. What is the experience of others who have done the same?
Is it possible to be included in a bundle with images?
Look forward to the interaction with you all.

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Hi Michele,
my honest opinion: It won’t work that well - as you said it has been done many times and there are websites out there with millions of images so I guess it would be the better place to sell them. That being said - and really, with all my heart not to discourage you, from my experience I’d say: add more value to your bundle. Maybe create a font and sell it with your bundle because designers often use images and write on them with fonts.
Or add value in another way - be different than the 100 of stock image sites out there and I believe you can have success.
I hope it helps and really - not meant bad at all, just speaking from my experience.

Hi Monja, Thank you for your input and have a great day, Michele

You are welcome! Let me know if I can help you any further.

depends if the stock photos are of value 100 packs and are cohesive and color coded and reasonably priced but none of the photos on creative market are worth the price. id say there is a market for lifestyle photos with presets pre-added to them. However with so many free stock photo sites its really not as lucrative.