New Shop Owner!

Hello Everyone! from shop owners to moderators to CM company team. Can someone please help me grow my shop? Can someone tell me how to promote my products. Currently I have only 1 product in my shop but I’m working constantly to grow my shop with more products.

Thank You :slight_smile:

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@Ceilicon Congratulations for your new shop :partying_face: …And best wishes for it :sparkles::raised_hands:

You can create demanded & quality product so CM handpick or promote your products on behalf of you.

Another is take inspiration from fellow creator, what trend is going on, what top seller presenting and how there preview images are, how much useful to buyer.

You can see CM handpick section


Thank You for your precious suggestions! :slight_smile:

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@Ceilicon You can see Pinterest as well

For inspection and see how that creator grow their business…

In HOW research their activities, marketing strategies, trend, product launching time, frequently all you can get to know by observing.

And one thing is if not any trend but you like to create products those kind then go for it…That may be trend itself ONE DAY :blush:.

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Thank You my friend! Can you tell me how was/is your experience with CM. Are you doing well? I just saw your portfolio & must say that you have great knowledge of illustrations… Keep it up…

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@Ceilicon I accepted to open shop on Feb 2021 in starting sale is going good and my first sale within 4-5 day :star_struck:

But it’s slow down from August…and still but I appreciate this platform because it’s building my Portfolio and trust for my custom project clients so yeah sale is not everything all time :blush: learning new, knowledge sharing, Inspiration is also a factor in success journey :dizzy:

And Thank you for Your kind words for my illustration!

All the best you & keep smiling :smiley:

@Ceilicon link your shop in your bio so we can check it out