New Minimum Price Requirement

Taking away the freedom to be able to set our prices is crazy. Only we know which public will be the one that buys from us.
It is impossible to compete with platforms that for $ 10 a month you can download hundreds of good mockups.
CM will force us to shut everyone down.

Hi @DoradoStock ! Just to clarify, shop owners still have the freedom to set their own prices! We just now have a minimum price that the products must be above. We’ve done research to understand how customers value products on our marketplace, and are implementing these changes to ensure that shop owners get the value they deserve from the amazing things they create :slight_smile:

Just wanted to post that for clarification!

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Hi @drew.coffman
By changing all the minimum prices, practically my entire store has raised prices against my will.
Obviously I do not agree with the stores that sell their products badly for 1 dollar, but if we want to be competitive it is not the best option.
I do not offer poor quality of course, but I think that the prices that are set automatically lead to some products being overpriced for what is offered.

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Look, I’m sure you’ve done your research, but just by looking at the top hundred products in any category it becomes apparent that “how customers value products” is in bundles, i.e. for as little money as possible.

And if you didn’t charge shop owners more than 30% commission, you wouldn’t need to raise the prices through a new minimum price either “to ensure that shop owners get the value they deserve”.


Why you take more than 50% of a product sale??..Screenshot 2021-09-21 223257


and by taking more than 50% of commission :roll_eyes:?? …why?..

Hi @drew.coffman . The minimum price threshold is reasonable however it doesn’t seem to apply to everyone. The minimum price rules were changed last month, and I raised my prices to comply, but I’m still competing with products in the same category that are not on sale, yet have prices set well below the minimum. How can this be? Any of my prices that were below the minimum a few days before the deadline got automatically switched to draft mode. Unless the price was above the minimum, it couldn’t be set to live. Do some stores have permission to override the minimum? It is a bug?

Hey there @typodermic , as I mentioned in the initial message, we’re rolling this out on a category by category basis, starting with the Graphics category. Other categories will have the minimum price implemented at future dates, with advance notice given.

Around September 1st, over a hundred of my fonts which were under the price threshold got automatically switched to draft mode and I was unable to change them to “live” unless the price was set above the threshold. It seems like it the rule was enforced on my account, weeks ago. I don’t think it was a coincidence because every single font that was changed to draft mode just happened to be under the threshold and no fonts that were under the threshold weren’t switched to draft mode. Did anyone else reading this have this happen to their accounts?

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Hmm, I checked in with the team and it sounds like you have a Support ticket in and we’re looking into what you experienced. You should hear back from them shortly! :slight_smile:

This further reduced the number of sales, it is seen that the contributors will lose and their earnings will decrease. Who would want to buy small templates with so much pricing!

I just went to the Graphics category, sorted by “New” and saw several products with prices lower than the new limit for this category. These products have been uploaded in the last few days, so it seems that there’s a bug at the moment which makes it possible to “bypass” the pricing limit on some products. (I checked in my own account, and my shop doesn’t look to be affected as I got an error message when I tried typing a price that was too low).

Also if you sort by “Price - low to high” there are still many active $2 products showing in search, does this mean not all products in the Graphics category have been getting the update from September 1st?


I can see it too -
Same thing for Temapltes -

I noticed that this bug was fixed, and new minimum prices applies for all Graphics & Templates. So no $2 Graphic items anymore as well as Templates under $9.

Thanks for quick resolving!

I was already unhappy about the high commission fees I pay to CM, but decided to see how it played out for the time being, but knowing that my products that don’t warrant a $9 price tag are going to be upped, is one more nail in the coffin. I can see setting minimums for “Commercial” purchases, but not personal. Those should be allowed to be set at any price, or at the very least it shouldn’t be $9. I sell Procreate Brushes on here and some of the items I sell just don’t warrant a $9 price tag for personal use. As someone that also purchases Procreate Brushes, I can can tell you I wouldn’t pay $9 for a lot of the offerings (especially not single brushes), so that category definitely needs to be reevaluated.

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So disappointed. First of all, the commission is too high, but I still decided to use CM as the only platform to sell my Procreate Brushes. I also realized you now charge all buyers a fee when checking out. Plus when you send Payouts on Paypal, I always receive less of the amount that was supposed to be sent, I don’t know if this is a Paypal fee but anyways, you don’t have to pay a fee, I’m the one paying it, so why taking so much money from everywhere? So okay… you take money from me in every possible way and you also take money from the buyer. And now this… Although I try to deliver good quality brushes and I have a clean record of 5 star reviews, I don’t think my brushes are worth $9, my prices used to vary between $2 and $5, $5 being the maximum I ever charged, because I wanted everyone to be able to afford a good quality brush set, I’ve found many bad quality brush sets in the platform and people were charging $14+ for them, and I wanted to make a difference, but now I can’t. It doesn’t mean my products are sh1tty, they are just not $9. I just took down approximately 7 of my listings because I think it’s unfair to charge buyers $9 + your fee. I’ve made thousands of dollars in sales here, but I’m so upset about this change, I’m not happy about “making more money”. Might start using Gumroad again… they even allow sellers to give free products and give coupon codes.


Instead of taking down your brushes that you feel don’t warrant the higher pricing, perhaps you could create some bundles with them. Just a thought. My best seller is a bundle of different items I sell priced higher but a little discounted from the price a buyer would pay if they purchased the items seperately.


I keep seeing people talking about a high commission fee on CM they give sellers %60 which is 10% higher than any of the other 3rd party marketplaces I sell on except for Etsy.

I feel like the cost and time of marketing in order to bring traffic to your personal website are not being considered. That, or I just am not aware of what marketing techniques are being used that are so hassle-free and inexpensive.

Creative Market is one of the few places where if you build a high-quality product it will sell without any marketing on our part. "one of the few places that “If you build it they will come” is still true. to me, the price change is a reflection of that ideology. Doubling down on the focus on high valuable goods Is encouraging and to me shows that CM really understands that most Creators only want to worry about creating the best work they can and not do the “businessy” work.

just to drive home the point the last product I posted I priced at $17 dollars as opposed to the normal $15 for a display font. and wouldn’t ya know it? It is selling just as well and even slightly better than the other fonts I have released over the past few months. That really speaks to the type of shopper on CM. they value high quality over low prices.


@Jakebrown I also agree with you. I am seeing a lot more bundles going on in the top-selling products this month. this is a good opportunity to pivot strategies if you hop on bundles before the market is too saturated you will have an edge over most other shops.

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The new minimum price for fonts has been implemented, it seems. It would have been nice to receive an official announcement a few days in advance.

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