New Minimum Price Requirement

We’re always getting feedback from our shop owner community about how we can continue making Creative Market best-in-class. In effort to optimize for quality, we will be rolling out new minimum prices by category starting with Graphics on September 1st.

Below are the new minimum prices, set based on current market trends, competitive positioning, and most importantly - the value provided to our customers.

If your products are currently set below the new minimum prices and will be affected by this change, you will be notified via email prior to the update taking place. Please note that these price points will be reviewed and revised periodically. Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer! :slight_smile:


How about the discounts we offer? Will they be affected?


So, we’re no longer allowed to set our own pricing? I have a bunch of $5 and $8 fonts that I can no longer sell on this platform?

It’s like you know this is a terrible idea, but you’re going to do it anyway…


Will the items that are currently below the new minimum prices be automatically updated to the new minimum or will they be deactivated till we can update them? I ask because all my items are below the new minimum prices and I have 16 pages of items.

Quite bummed out by this. This is happening so soon that I don’t know how I’ll have time to go through my entire shop and make the changes necessary. I’ll have to delete so many listings and create bundles, otherwise my items will be significantly higher priced here than anywhere else. :frowning:


Seems like I’m going to have to take down the Procreate items and at least 3 other products I have up, or be forced to raise the price to the point they won’t sell anyway because no reasonable person would pay those prices for those items (of mine). This feels like a “convince others of value by making it more expensive” move, similar to how cosmetic brands will package what amounts to a drug store product in a weighty package to make it feel more luxurious.


To clarify @RunningWithFoxes , you’ll get an email notifying you of any products that are underneath the minimum, and we’re only raising the minimum in the Graphics category on September 1, with others to follow.

To @firespark’s point, I’ve passed your feedback on to the team about the Add-Ons category, and again, only the Graphics category will be changing on September 1, with others to follow.

@migbruca. any discounts below the minimum price will be impacted by this change. The minimum pricing available are the ones listed above.

@DigitalArtsi , any items listed below the minimum will automatically update to reflect the new minimum. Again, you’ll receive an email in advance of any change going into effect.

@CallieHegstrom, our research shows that customers understand the value of fonts, and we want to make sure that our shop owners are pricing their products in a way that allows them to generate the earnings they deserve. We encourage you to try pricing your products using our new minimums, and welcome your feedback after the change goes into effect :slight_smile:


Translation: “We’re hemorrhaging money to sites like Elements and Etsy, so we’re going to force you to increase your prices…you know, so it looks like we care.”

If you truly understood the current font market, you’d know that many of us (who have done incredibly well historically), suddenly can’t give fonts away. The market is saturated. Covid only exacerbated the problem. Competing sites are a dime a dozen, and many are offering business models that DO benefit the designer.

Respectfully, if you think raising prices will help us, then you really haven’t done much “research.”
Let’s be honest, this is a profit-driven decision on behalf of Creative Market, not the shop owners.


This is something Etsy needs to add as well. Ive seen digital assets go for 0.40 cents. It truly is a race to the bottom on some sites. Im curious to see how this plays out as I think the minimums are higher then I expected. Overall a good idea to set a standard in my opinion.


Hello there,
I design fonts - complete typefaces - and I upload each weight separately to give the customer the ability to test out the font by purchasing a single or duo font at a reasonable price, like most font resellers. But the single fonts are below the new minimum price, now I have to pack like 4 fonts in one package to make it affordable at the new minimum price.

When will the new minimum price take effect on fonts?
Could you please rethink this especially fonts? Because I really do rely on creative market to support my income

Thank you

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That’s an excellent news @drew.coffman , I don’t think that not having $5 fonts will turn customers away. If anybody believes that a well designed font is worth $5 …it’s time to re educate them.

And I couldn’t be more thrilled that this is applied on those ridiculous discounts as well. You’re doing a good thing here. It’s incredible that you have to convince artists to value their own work properly.

Thank you


Thanks for the info @drew.coffman.

I guess like most things this has it’s positives and negatives; from a personal perspective as someone who pretty much focusses on designing fonts its great as it will mean no one can low-ball prices in an attempt to get sales and create a race to the bottom which is no good for anyone.

I think for those involved in say, photography it could pose a problem. I know those that will upload 100s/1000s of shots at a low price to be competitive with the likes of Shutterstock etc – for them I can imagine the lack of flexibility being an issue.

Overall I think this is a good thing to implement and I only wish somewhere like Etsy would take similar steps so no more shops stealing our fonts and putting 50 of them into a $5 bundle!


@drew.coffman I personally think this is a good idea, especially in the graphics category. I often check the newer listings and have to scroll through several pages of $3-4 icons (from the same seller) because each one is listed separately, pushing other new products way down the list. I would imagine customers finding that a bit tedious to scroll through. I know it may effect some, but hopefully they can find a workaround.


@Jakebrown i too am interested to see how this plays out. I think it is a good idea as it gives CM a more unique market position and resets the focus on high quality fonts.

The reality is that If you are selling $5 fonts CM may. Or the your ideal market anymore. That will for sure change the dynamic of CM but I think overall it will be a positive thing for creative who focus on creating high quality products.

I think those who sell products for lower pice points will eventually benefit if they are agile and willing to change their strategy up.

Shoppers who are looking for super affordable digital goods will eventually realize that CM is not the place for them so they will spend more time on other market places like Etsy for example. So now would be a good time to double down on Etsy. Which inevitable will have more traffic of the right kind of buyers.

And for those who choose to stay focused on CM they will have less competition and higher conversion rates as eventually CM will attract the right type of buyer.

I think this is a. Old and darting move that really is focused on the creator and not just some fat cat CEO wanting more money. This will for sure alienate a good amount of CMs audience. What greedy COE wants that? For sure not a money grab but a play that hopefully in the long run will work out as customers and creators start to learn that when they go to CM they will get high quality products.

Personally I feel the quality and target demographic of a lot of CM’s highlighted products has been all over the board. I believe it is creating an sutuation where trying to please everyone results in pleasing no one. I used to be excited to open the CM emails and see the latest hand picked goods. And would love every one of them. Not I’m like eh, I might like one or two products but think the rest belong on other sites.

I believe in order for CM to survive they need to reestablish their “coolness” they used to be contemporary, on trend, but not avant garde. That I believe is their sweet spot that has been lost the past little bit. I believe this change in price minimum reflects an effort to move. Ack the that sweet spot. Now the aesthetic needs to follow.

If you think about it if CM looks like Etsy, I’m just going to buy on Etsy where I can fine a 12,946,538 font pack on sale for a half a penny.

Good luck to all creators and staff over at CM. I think this is a good move but will take some time to see results and will need to be followed up with a reestablishment of CM’s “hip” aesthetic.


This has also come to my attention.
Anyone at CM want to give a solid justification for upping YOUR commission, upping our prices, and topping it off with an additional (and arbitrary) free for the consumer? What does the buyer get in return for that fee?

You guys know this is going to destroy the platform, right? Does anyone over there understand economics?


I’m glad to see some positive reactions to these raised minimums in this thread, and I also understand the negative ones.

We’re raising the required minimum prices across all categories so that we can focus on quality and fair value for the products shop owners are putting on Creative Market.

We’ve done a lot of research that has shown us that higher minimums will help create a better customer experience for those seeking quality goods — which is what so many of you shop owners are creating! Though you might be concerned that this would turn off the ‘bargain hunters’, those aren’t as much of a factor in this marketplace as you might think. If you have products that are under the minimums, we encourage you to raise the prices instead of delist! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

Again, we’re open to feedback and I’m reading this thread closely. Thanks to all who’ve contributed!


PLEASE tell me I don’t have to go and change hundreds of prices AGAIN??? :hushed:

@drew.coffman This is great idea to increase minimum price requirements which impect customer as quality platform. By increasing overall market level give customers that type of thoughts that CM have quality products and we have that level of products on CM only.

overall prices increase not for some seller, so may be possible sell also increse before this transaction :sweat_smile:


I support this change. Race to the bottom prices have been an issue in many marketplaces and freelance websites. Hopefully this will play out well on the long run for the platform as well.


@CallieHegstrom I really think you should give this a chance. I think you’re fonts are gorgeous, and I have no idea why you priced some of them at $5 , what I do know is that they are priced unreasonably low. It’s simply a fact. Pricing them at the minimum price of $ 12 isn’t going to change much. It’s still a low price.

Even if you completely ignore your skills and talent, you can at least value your time. I am not a font creator, but I would assume that it takes time to produce one. $5 ? Really?

CM didn’t increased our prices, my prices had stayed exactly the same. They only put an end on setting the price way to low to even make sense. Because that sort of pricing is ruining this industry.

So, your low prices impacts the whole industry. Customers are willing to pay a fair price, just give them a chance. I don’t see a scenario where a customer will say: Callie, why on earth does your font costs $12 instead of $5 ?! There are no low priced products on the first pages on CM, which means that they can handle fair prices just fine.

A lot of customers now buy quality products for low prices. And guess what, they know it. They know the prices are ridiculous.

Just give yourself a chance. And the rest of us too. We might just catch our breath without those crazy low prices hanging over our heads all the time.