New Category for Crafting - Cut Files

Hi, it would be great to see some new categories related to crafting, other markets already implemented this. Things like Cut Files, Paper Craft, Laser Cut and Engraving there are more and more users with cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette and Laser machines like Glowforge



I personally so against it - most of the websites whom implemented this are just trash with $1 deals, bundles where designer’s pool is 15% and quantity is over quality.

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I actually sell one cut file with 10$ , yes there are sites that make all kind of deals, but I am talking about having a category for it, I don’t see how an extra category can hurt? It only will add new type of customers, for me cut files sell better than mockups

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I would like to see it added also. I already sell cut files on here but don’t have an appropriate category for them. I don’t think it will effect the pricing of other product types. They are different markets.

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I’d love to see some crafting sections too. Cut files (SVG) and sublimation designs as well. It’s definitely a different market but cut files and sublimation designs are pretty huge right now. I sell way more of them than I do clipart. Not here obviously! But I’d like to.


I agree, creative market its upscale cricuit files in my opinion would not do well because they are priced for less then a a dollar on most sites.Creative market takes almost 40% imagine 40% off a dollar lol