Negative feedback, how to deal with it?

Hello, guys I got negative feedback on one of my products that was free last week. The customer reached me in email after a second left me this review

“This is just a very plain all-caps sans serif font. No Glyphs are included. The two files are a solid font and an outline font. Very boring and rather ugly without the promised alternate letters that make the design so charming on the website. Don’t bother with this download. Four thumbs down.”

even tho I mentioned in description how to access the alternate glyphs. So I wonder why people who download freebies are so evil ?

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Hey there @VPcreativeshop , sorry to hear this. If you ever get a review that you feel is inaccurate, please send it to our Support team. They’ll check the review against our criteria and if it’s deemed to be inaccurate we can remove it for you :slight_smile:


I had a similar situation six months ago, also with the font offered for free.

“Love this! I know this was a free item, but the Moorland fonts come in a script.” and I got 1 star.

I asked what was going on and how I can help, but until today I have not received an answer. The worst part is that this star has downgraded my shop rating from 5 to 4 stars.

Yay! Cm deleted the review :slight_smile: thank you. Oh if my overall rating drops from 5 to 4 stars this will be the worst nightmare i guess :grin:


It’s nice to hear that, but why does your post sound a bit ironic?
I don’t know what it was like in your home country, but a year ago I was stuck in Germany due to closed borders and for three months I was unable to return home and work. When I came back I couldn’t find myself and work for the next six months. I was depressed and even a stupid drop in a store’s rating by one star could be upset. At the turn of November and December I returned to work on new products, but I am losing the will and meaning of this work again, because the sales of my products have been falling significantly since the new year and I am not the only one who has similar problems (and I don’t mean only Creative Market).
Therefore, I do not wish you any “nightmares”.
If I received your post wrong, I apologize, but it sounded really ironic.

oh no, it wasn’t ironic at all, products right now are my only source of income, so yeah drop in rating will result the sales as well. Btw you just need 1 product to boost your store - that was my case with Art Deco ultimate creator, so don’t lose hope


I had the same issue people just dont know how to access alternative glyphs very well and unfortunatly insted of taking the time to ask take the time to write a poor review. I recorded a video on how to use them and that seemed to help.