Need organization tips for illustration bundle

For the first time I purchased illustration bundle and I’m overwhelmed with 3000+ images.
I have no idea how to organize and store in a way that I will have easier access to them.
Maybe store them in Evernote so I can search??
I’m very curious how others do it. I’m very new at this.


As a designer I first started out using exsternal hard drives that i plug in using a usb to my pc and organize my files across over 4 different drives. This is the easiest and most affordable solution. However a better solution is a nas drive setup that is one device that plugs in via usb sits on your computer has internal fans and locking mechanisms to prevent theft and accessed across your network so its easier to transfer files to and from lets say your laptop or an ipad pro or even your tv
a nas setup lets you use internal pc drives that you place in these slots and some can hold up to 100tb its like having your own in house server.


Thank you so much!! I’m going to dust off my external hard drive🤗

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I would only download the files I need at them time. You can always download it later on from the CM purchase tab. No use in letting all those files clog up your harddrive.