Nature photograph bundle

Hello Creative Market community, I am look for some nature photography bundles.

In particular, I am looking for photographs that are 5000x 3000 or 6000 by 4000 in dimensional size. And I am looking for anything nature related such as: grass, mountains, rivers, oceans, plants, deserts, snow, fall, sunset, etc.

Does anybody have these type of nature photography with a bundle package?

@Zachia122333 I think this may help…

Thank you @Khushbugohil. However, this guy said his photos are 72dpi, I need photos that are 300dpi for printing.

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@Zachia122333 oh you may contect shop owner for custom requirements if they can provide or not

As far as I know- photos are never 300 dpi

Hey @Zachia122333

You’re welcome to pop into my shop, I do mainly nature photography of botanicals, not sure if it’s exactly what you’re after, but have a look if you like :slight_smile:
Have a great day!

Hello @Khushbugohil so sorry for the late reply, thank you for the info.

Have a great day.

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Hello @MonjaWessel. Would you say that vector files are 300dpi?

Thanks, I will have a look around.

@Zachia122333 no issue :blush:
I found this:

They process for 300dpi as .tiff file may be helpful for you.

This also:

Thank you @Khushbugohil.

I will check this out.

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This is exactly what I am looking for, are they at least 300dpi?

Well, 300 DPI is standard for printing - it has nothing to do with vector or pixel files. So I’d say yes. In case your customer wants to print them it’s good to have them in 300 dpi.
But the problem occurs especially for pixel graphics. If you do not have them large enough you cannot increase them without them getting blurry. Vector files can
be increased without quality loss.
Hope that helps?

@Zachia122333, I guess you already found images you need. But for future purchases: dpi doesn’t matter, what matters for image quality is pixel count. So if image is let’s say 5000x4000 px, you can change resolution to 300 or anything else in Photoshop with Resample button turned off and it will remain as 5000x4000 px.