My product was handpicked by CM first time 🏅

Hello everyone!

I would like say that my product was handpicked for first as a new seller in this field I just amazed🥳

And most important part of it is This all I know from my friend creator @Sofydoll_Designs only…I appreciate her support👏 that she let me know that my product is handpicked even I am not aware (I don’t used to see handpicked section).

Yesterday she told me about it I was like what​:scream: I didn’t see :sweat_smile:

But she lead me for my product and I thankful for it…

I don’t much focus for handpicked but it is there but great things is fellow Creator are here uplifting and cheerful.

Her work Is amazing it’s also encourage me to do something.

My handpicked product:
Miaw with Nature

Product page:

(Note: I would like to give credit her for this link😊)


Lol no credit needed. I saw that weeks ago, thought you did too. Well done! :grinning:

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Appreciation is required :blush: that motivates in positive direction !!

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Congratulations! I have also seen your product in handpicked section and thought that you knew about it :slight_smile: Wishing you more of such amazing surprises!

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@catchthedream_art What😱
Means I don’t know only :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much :blush:

CM have to make email update for perticular designer that their product is handpicked isn’t it ?


I think these email updates would be too difficult for CM, especially after I got an email last week to reapply to open a shop on CM. I was a little surprised, but I figured it was an automated response a year after I was denied to open one. They didn’t have the algorithm to check that I had already managed to reapply and open a shop in December


@catchthedream_art oooh this is have to note because due to this kind of algorithms their support staff’s time is taken and Designer just rethink on it.

Well deserved! Congrats!

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@MonjaWessel oh thank you so much for believing in me :blush: