My first product! 4 editable Type Lockups for AI and PS

Hi peeps,

just released my first product on creative-market. Would be happy if you check it out and give me your feedback. What you think?

Thank you!

Take care,
Alex P.


awesome product, awesome thumbnails. I love the contemporary design here.

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Thank you for your feedback! Highly appreciated!

Looks good. Nice presentation and nice style too. Good luck and much success going forward!

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Thank you for your feedback, Jesse!

Awesome Americana vibe! Good luck!

One thing I would suggest is to offer products with more templates. This way you can charge more and customers may be more likely to purchase as they get more variety. To buy your current products (2 templates etc) they would have to see something really specific that they want to make the purchase.

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Thank you for your feedback and your suggestion!