My Earning and tax seams similar!


When I got a sell for $17 then my revenue $5.10 and tax $5.10 is there any option for tax ? Or is it’s due to I didn’t give tax number?

I know based on 70-30% ratio and tax changes designer revenue calculated but it’s seams only 30% I get instead of 70% supposed there is a 30% off tax and my revenue then total 60% I got. So ratio is 60-40%?

Yes, the ratio changed. 60% gets the seller and 40% goes to the marketplace
Fill out your tax form and it will work fine. I had the same problem when I just started my shop. I have to say, CM support is super helpful, they answer all these tax related questions if needed.

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@catchthedream_art very first I fill the form but I didn’t give tax number of my country so may be that’s why W-8Ben I have to fill

Hey @Khushbugohil , it sounds like there may be an issue with listing your correct country, as you mentioned. Contact our Support team and they’ll be happy to help!

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@drew.coffman I choose correct country and that’s why filled non us residents form (W-8Ben) and have to pay 30% as tax but I think I have to provide tax no of my country also so may be this will work…