Misleading pricing and wavering trust

This has been touched on in here The new Platform Fee but I wanted to highlight it as I feel is a contributing factor to the shocking demise of views and sales sitewide on CM.

Browsing through products (doesn’t apply to fonts) we’ll see a price of say $20 under a product, click on it and the price is $35 or higher. The low price on the wider website/category preview is the ‘Personal license’ price. This price is craftily tucked away under the ‘More Options’ when you view the actual product.

Not only is that just down right misleading to potential customers, but forcing them to have to dig and hunt for a pricing tier that should be front and centre (all of them should, there is absolutely no ethical or even functional reason, to hidden a pricing option) is awful UX, which has a negative impact on users trust levels.

Its (not so) little things like that this that, I am convinced, are contributing factors to the ongoing slump in sales that a lot of shop owners are experiencing. Break the trust of you customers and its game over…maybe not immediately, but they’ll slowly and steadily start looking elsewhere…I think its obvious that this is exactly what’s happening. CM used to have a wonderful model that worked for customers and shop owners, now it feels like a cold machine, strangled by greed.


I agree. I’m sure (or at least I hope…) it’s not CM’s intention to try and trick people into spending more than they originally thought, but a mixture of bad UI and the platform fee means this is the case - which will leave a sour taste in many customer’s mouths and make them less likely to shop here again.

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