Master Thread: DMCA/Copyright, Piracy and Fraud

In an effort to help all of our sellers better understand the issue at hand, here is a FAQ regarding copyright issues. We respectfully ask you to read all of this before making new comments here. Thank you!!


A: If you see your products being sold on Creative Market without your permission, you should contact our Support Team with the information from the DMCA form here: . We’re legally required to hear from the copyright holder with this information before taking action. If you’re not the copyright holder of the product you’re concerned about, we can’t give you specific advice. However, you are welcome to use the “Report” feature on the product page, and we’ll investigate.


A: Since you’re the Copyright holder, you are responsible for sending the site and/or host a DMCA takedown request if you want the product to be removed from the site. You may use this DMCA form: . Creative Market can’t do this for you, because you hold the Copyright for your products.


A: DMCAs must be sent by the person who holds the Copyright on the product. According to our Terms of Use, even when you add a product to your Creative Market shop, you still hold the Copyright to your material ( ). Because you are the copyright holder, you must be the one to send any DMCAs.


Please know, Creative Market would never leak your files. Our goal is to grow the site and drive sales to our sellers because, when our shops succeed, we also succeed. In addition, many of the Creative Market staff members are part of the shop owner community just like you. Because of this, we personally empathize with your concerns, and we appreciate and understand the time and effort it takes to create awesome products. We want to prevent as much fraud as possible. Pirate sites are terrible and we share your pain and hurt when we see Creative Market products being affected by this issue.

Here’s what actually happens when you see your product on a site like this after “no sales:”

  1. That sale was flagged in our system as coming from a fraudulent source. When this happens, the transaction goes to the support team; we review it, and if it really is fraud, we refund the credit card and ban the buyer from the site.
  2. Unfortunately, sometimes the “buyer” was able to quickly download your item before they were banned.
  3. You do not get a sale notification because we refunded the sale instead of approving it.

We understand that another option would be to review transactions BEFORE allowing a download, but this isn’t a true option for us because it would result in a negative experience for the 99.8% of buyers who are honest (they would not be able to access their purchase until their transaction was reviewed and shows to be legitimate), and require a very large team of human reviewers.


A: Fraud is actually extremely low on Creative Market. Please keep in mind that all marketplace sites have this problem at about the same level. What varies is the level in which these sites are transparent about piracy. This variation means that sellers on these platforms may or may not be aware of piracy issues.


A: We’ve recently implemented new measures to our fraud detection system that help us more quickly learn about new things fraudsters are trying. With this better way of gathering information, we will be able to block purchases and block downloads for suspicious accounts more accurately. Of course, the world of fraud is constantly changing, so we can’t say this new system will completely prevent fraud. However, with this new system, we will be able to more quickly learn about fraud techniques and we’ll be able to prevent fraud faster than we have in the past.

Guidelines for this thread:

• Please read the FAQ carefully before posting a comment. All comments asking questions that have already been answered in the FAQs will be deleted. This will help keep the thread organized and easy to navigate for staff and shop owners.
• Don’t post links to pirate sites. For security reasons, all comments with such links will be deleted.
• Please keep your comments respectful to Creative Market and ALL shop owners, even if you suspect them of stealing your work. If you have a concern about a specific shop, please contact Support rather than posting links here.

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The Piracy of my work is getting out of control!!
This is in no way creative markets fault as there is nothing they can do if people purchase fonts and re-sell them on other websites or give them away for free.
If you google my fonts, the first 1 or 2 searches are legit sites that i sell through then after that are 3-4 pages of sites with my stolen work. There is no way i can keep up with sending DMCA takedowns and requests to google. They often don’t even list an email address or just ignore DMCA takedowns. The sheer amount of piracy means there is no way i can keep up and all my hard work is readily available for free with a quick google search.

Is there any thoughts on how we can tackle this as an industry on a grand scale if DMCAs and google requests are just not enough?


@NewTropical This is tragic problem now days! for now, We have concentration about our work and next plan. May in future we get any solutions for that. Creative market has low piracy issues. As per my experience don’t sell your item at who has subscription base plan/features. they have high rate of piracy issues. What’s your opinion?

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It was proved years ago - CM do not show up sales from suspicious buyers. He waits for the transaction to finish and when everything is fine - you see the sale. But if it was a fraudulent buy or rejected card operation - you don’t see anything. But your item was already downloaded (and uploaded anywhere).
I think, this must be changed. Because I do track the pirate giveaways. And if I see this problem, I immediately check and write DMCA. But if I don’t know if it happen or not, I don’t track anything.

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I know for a fact that one of my competitors bought my content with an alias email address and then all my recent stuff suddenly appeared on pirated sites We have had a feud for about 4 years and its not a coincidence that she also wrote on here when I was complaining about poor sales that it was karma for me Given the motive and that the other email address belongs to her its not hard to put two and two together, I do not mention her name here out of respect for creativemarket. It is quite the chore to remove them but I have abilities where I can track them down, If you DM me I can tell you how to also. Just an FYI you also can request them to be removed from the search engines altogether. I want to start a petition so that all these sites get removed once and for all and present the petition to google and other major search engines. They are like cancer when you get rid of one another pops up. But if you are adamant and stay on top of your products, They will usually leave or stop because they dont like re-listing or broken links because it is also a chore for them. I have decided to no longer offer larger bundles because they tend to gravitate towards more expensive bundles and or fonts.

its not Chinese it is mostly Russian and Ukraine sites that offer memberships in exchange for giving away our files for free. The people who upload these are from various countries and nationalities the ones you are talking about are Filipino and Malaysian and they don’t upload to the usual sharing sites they just create their own stores and sell your stuff. They actually have an entire rip of Esty and sell literally the entire contents of Esty on that site. There is technology for files to expire so maybe there is a way to create a technology that only generates the one copy and or cant be re-uploaded or rezipped. The person who invents this technology will be rich.

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No where on the internet will you find a video such as this, ( ) which will teach you step by step on how to remove your intellectual property legally from pirated sites. This video is FREE and a must watch if you are helpless as to what to do about your content being pirated.

Some of what’s included is how to search and find them even when they are hiding behind domain privacy and cloud flare.

How to use the cmd prompt to trace users and find their true identity

How to find their email

How to request a take down from their internet service provider and how to find their internet service provider
How to remove them from google search and other search engines
How to report intellectual property, piracy to the FBI and the direct form link
How to revoke theirFree online course on how to deal with Piracy merchant access of paypal and other merchant sitesHow to deal with Piracy an full free online course!


I purchased some images with a commercial licence from Creative Market and used them in the creation of coloring book that I put on Etsy. I have had a DMCA claim from the creator who is the creator that sold them here on Creative Market, even though I emailed them and showed them I purchased a commercial licence, I have not had a response to what I’ve done wrong. Isn’t the point of a commercial licence that I can create an end product and sell it? Any advice would be appreciated, I want to do the right thing which is why I paid for the Commercial Licence.

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I think a better plan would be to take that additional 10% commish CM has grabbed and invest it towards a partnership company that will file DMCAs on CM and CM creator’s behalf.
It doesn’t seem like the 10% has boosted marketing efforts from what I’ve seen.

I would highly recommend to contact Creative Market support. @TiaLaughs

I agree with you @drew.coffman , as creators we own the copyrights and we are still responsible.
But another important part is, if a buyer purchases something from CM he also agrees to the terms and conditions of CM, which says reselling is not allowed.
The General Terms and Conditions of the CM Platform are valid in that case as well.
My question: for example, a customer signs in with his identity at CM, is there a real legitimation check at CM? (as for example at Adobe)
Because if the customer resells products purchased at CM on another platform
this customer infringes the terms of use wich clearly say
it is forbidden to resell those products.
In this case CM can check exactly who is responsible for this and start proceedings against him.
If you are an online marketplace and you are more and more a victim of illegal activities you have to face the new times and rethink your your security policy.
The point is that CM is a platform that wants to grow and survive, so you have to protect your platform, your sellers and their products from fraud and piracy!
I am interested in how CM will do that?