Looking for collaborations! ;)

Hey! how are you doing?
Someone interested in doing some collaborations exchanging products?

I work creating product mockups: like mugs, tumblers, and more.
And I would like to exchange mockups with designers who would like to use them in your shops or social networks for free in exchange for some feedback/posts.

If someone encourages and record a video of how to use mockups it would be awesome since my English is not very fluent…

What do you think?? :wink:


Hi Vanesa!

So cool you’re looking for collaboration, teamwork can often be dream work!
Since you wrote you’re already working in the mockup segment I would recommend to link your shop ( Inspire Mockups | A Creative Market Shop ) in your community space bio so potential collaboration partners can actually see what you’re designing. Additional to this I would also add some more informations about the collaboration itself: Why do you want to collaborate? / How would it work exactly? / What kind of advantages do you see in a collaboration for both sides? / Is the video you’re requesting a collaboration or a design job you offer?
The more information you share the easier it is for readers to understand your request and the more likely you will find someone who is interested in a collaboration.

I wish you a lot of success with your project and a lovely Tuesday!


thanks for your message!
The truth is that I have never done anything like it, that is why I am open to options and opinions from designers to put together something that is beneficial for all parties.

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Sounds Interesting, Our two styles are super different so I am not sure how advantages it would be for us to work together for trades as I don’t think our target audiences overlap. But I will message you directly and maybe we can work something out that makes sense.

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Hi Vanesa - I would love to collaborate with another designer and need to improve my previews as well. Here’s a link to my shop:

Thanks, Melissa

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