Long turn around time for support response

Anyone else having long turn around times for support responses? I have been waiting on a response regarding my payout for this month that I have yet to receive and I have heard nothing. I was asked up to recalibrate my tax form so I did that early last week and my payout still hasn’t gone through (it was requested mid-July). I’m just not sure whether or not I should expect to receive it any time soon.

I contacted support last week and was told my email was being forwarded. When I emailed again yesterday asking for an update, still nothing.

Alternatively, does anyone have any insight as to whether or not I should expect to see my payout this month if I had to update my tax form after my payout was requested? The tax form was updated August 2 I believe.

Thanks so much!!


Side note - that is supposed to say ‘revalidate’, not recalibrate!

Please tag @drew.coffman about the problem, He Will Help You ASAP

Thanks so much!

@drew.coffman Any way you can provide some insight here? I just really need to understand whether or not the payment is still coming this month and if so, an estimate of when. I reached out to support again yesterday first thing in the morning and once again got nothing in response. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hey there @InkandHeirloom ! I checked in with our Support team and we do indeed have a message from you in our Support queue and they’ll respond as soon as possible :slight_smile: It shouldn’t take too long. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for your quick response @drew.coffman ! I really appreciate it.