Like bugs even I didn't like product that shown me all likable


In some few day I seen that even I don’t click like on top right corner still it shown me likable even I didn’t like that product.

So is it bug?

The “like” bug I call it. It also happened to me, specifically with the stores I follow, it seems I have liked all of their designs which I haven´t.

I know I am not young, but my memory works perfectly, I am 100% sure I have never liked all the products in any store.


@migbruca Yes yes absolutely agree

But that all like may change in algorithm as well I guess.

This occurred from August I think when CM site is in maintenance.

why didnt that bug happen to my store? lol I want likes… me loves likes.

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@photohacklovers it’s seen on first page of shop only when we click perticular product then it’s not like by us :joy: so not real type like… illusion :sweat_smile:

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